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Landlord, Tenant and Roommate Resources

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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Rentals, Eviction and Foreclosure FAQ pdf 

Spanish - COVID-19 Response to Evictions and Foreclosures FAQ pdf  

CMRC provides information, resources and mediation for renters, owners, roommates, and property managers for residential and commercial rental properties within the City of Boulder and areas of the county including: Gunbarrel, Louisville, Superior, Nederland and unincorporated Boulder County not covered by Longmont Mediation Service (LMS serves Lafayette, Erie, Lyons and surrounding unincorporated areas. Contact Longmont Mediation Service at 303-651-8444).


Ask a Question or Request Mediation

Ask a Question or Request Mediation

Haga una pregunta o solicite mediación

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Request information or assistance through our online form for a range of issues involving landlords and tenants, roommates, HOAs, neighbors, and other matters.

Solicite información o asistencia a través de nuestro formulario en internet para una variedad de asuntos relacionados con propietarios e inquilinos, compañeros de cuarto, HOA, vecinos y otros.


The Landlord-Tenant Handbook

Information contained in the Landlord-Tenant Handbook pdf is current as of Jan. 1, 2019 but there is no assurance that the laws have not changed or been amended. The handbook summarizes existing State of Colorado and City of Boulder residential landlord-tenant law and addresses many of the questions that arise both before and after a lease is signed. The information in The Landlord-Tenant Handbook does not constitute legal advice.This information is intended to serve only as a general guide and is not intended to be used as a substitute for seeking advice from a qualified attorney.  Our office at 2160 Spruce St. is currently closed. Hard copies of the handbook are available at the Boulder Main Library at 1001 Arapahoe Ave.--request a copy at the information desk. To receive a hard copy of the handbook by mail, leave a message at 303-441-4364 with your name and mailing address.



Manufactured Housing Communities Handbook for Boulder Homeowners

There is a separate handbook pdf available for owners and residents of manufactured housing (mobile home) parks.



Roommate Resources

Suggestions for avoiding roommate disputes and Roommate FAQ pdf offer guidance for sometimes challenging roommate arrangements.

Section 8 Voucher Information for Landlords

CMS also provides information pdf for landlords renting to Section 8 voucher holders.

Boulder Model Lease

Downloadable and printable documents and customizable forms are available, including the Boulder Model Lease pdf.

Security Deposit Interest Information

Security Deposit Interest Rate

The 2021 interest rate on tenant security deposits is 0.07 percent. More information pdf



Percentage rate


prior to 12-5- 1985

12-5-1985 through 3-18-2004

3-19-2004 through 12-31-2004

1-1-2005 through 12-31-2005

1-1-2006 through 12-31-2006

1-1-2007 through 12-31-2007

1-1-2008 through 12-31-2008

1-1-2009 through 12-31-2009

1-1-2010 through 12-31-2010

1-1-2011 through 12-31-2011

1-1-2012 through 12-31-2012

1-1-2013 through 12-31-2013

1-1-2014 through 12-31-2014

1-1-2015 through 12-31-2015

1-1-2016 through 12-31-2016

1-1-2017 through 12-31-2017            

1-1-2018 through 12-31-2018 

1-1-2019 through 12-31-2019

1-1-2020 through 12-31-2020

1-1-2021 through 12-31-2021

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Note: Due to a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that found last month’s rent to be pre-paid rent, interest is not due on last month’s rent held by the landlord. All other refundable deposits including pet deposits should be included in the computation.

Example computations:
A. $1,000 deposit on a two-year lease starting on Aug. 1, 2002, and ending July 31, 2004. Landlord received the deposit at lease signing on May 1, 2002, and is mailing it back on Sept. 27, 2004. $1,000 x .055 = $55 (this equals one year’s interest) divided by 12 = $4.58 (one month’s interest) x 29 (number of month’s held by landlord) =$132.82.

B. $800 deposit on a 13.5 month lease which rolled over into a month-to-month tenancy after the initial year written lease. Tenant moved in and paid the deposit on May 15, 2003 and moved out with proper notice on Sept. 30, 2004. Landlord is returning the deposit on Oct. 31, 2004. $800 x .055 = $44 divided by 12 = $3.67 (one month’s interest rate until May 15, 2004) x 12=$44.04 (or $44 even) plus $800 x .0108=$8.64 divided by 12 =$ .72 x 5.5 months =$3.96. Total interest due is $3.96 + $44 = $47.96.

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