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Letter to Request Repairs

Human Services Banner

Tenant’s Name

Landlord’s Name

Dear _______________________:

This letter is to request repairs at my (our) home, ________________________________ (apartment number and address), that require correction. (Optional: These conditions were previously brought to your attention via phone on ____ (date)). These conditions have arisen through no fault, abuse, or negligence on my (our) part. The following items are in need of repair:

Please address the repair of these items as soon as possible, but no later than __________________ (reasonable length of time) as they interfere with my (our) ability to reasonably enjoy the premises.

If the repairs are not addressed by the above date, I (we) will contact the City of Boulder Inspection Services Division (303-441-3239) regarding assistance.

Please let me know if there is anything I (we) might do to facilitate the repairs being made.


Tenant’s Signature

(Optional: P.S. If you would like assistance with this matter, and the property is within City of Boulder city limits, please contact the City of Boulder Mediation Service at 303-441-4364.)

Send regular mail. Keep one copy for yourself.