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Letter to Suggest Mediation

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I contacted the City of Boulder Mediation Service and spoke to (contact person) regarding our (dispute, disagreement, conflict, etc.). I explained that we have been unable to find a solution to our problem regarding the (security deposit, noise, payment of bills, etc.). The City of Boulder Mediation Service can arrange a mediation session at their office to help us reach an agreement. They will schedule a time that is convenient for both of us and two of their trained, neutral mediators will help us come up with a list of issues and possible solutions. We would then create an agreement using the solutions that we both find acceptable. This service is tax-subsidized through the City of Boulder, so we would each have to pay $30.00 for a two-hour session. (Option: you can offer to pay the full $60.00 as further incentive to bring the other party to mediation.)

I would like to resolve this matter soon and in a manner that would cause us both the least amount of stress, time, and money. Please consider mediation. If you have any questions about the process or the service offered through the City of Boulder Mediation Service, you can contact them at (303) 441-4364 or check out their website under Mediation Services. Please let me know if you are interested in this option.

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