Your children are important to you! They’re important to the Boulder Fire-Rescue too, which is why we have a team of car seat technicians. These trained specialists are available to teach parents how to safely install their car seats and ensure their child is as safe as possible while in it. This service is great for new parents, as well as people who just want to ‘double check’ that they are doing everything correctly.

During a car seat inspection, we will:

  • Check the child safety seat to see that it has been properly installed.
  • Diagnose problems.
  • Ensure the child safety seat is not a recalled model.
  • Advise on how to choose an age, height and weight appropriate child safety seat.
  • Instruct and demonstrate how to install and use the appropriate child safety seat in the vehicle.
  • Instruct and demonstrate how to correctly place a child in the appropriate child safety seat.
  • Discuss other vehicles and child safety seats they own, and provide instructions to repeat the correct procedure with other seats or when installing the seat in other cars.

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How it works:

  • Car seat checks are done by appointment only.
  • Each car seat appointment is approximately 25 mins.
  • Bring your car seat, any accessories and attachments that came with it, the car seat installation instructions/manual, your vehicle owner's manual and, if possible, the child who will be using the seat.
  • Please make sure that the seating area (vehicle seat & floorboard) of your car is clear of toys and food so that our technicians have enough space to work and instruct you on the installation of your child restraint(s).
  • We will not work with child safety seats that are expired or more than 5 years past the manufacture date, if no expiration date is visible.
  • Expectant parents should have the child safety seat checked at least one month before the baby is due.

We encourage your feedback as we strive to maintain our high standards, and welcome your recommendations about the service we provide, your commendations or your complaints about the actions of any department member.

Due to COVID-19 our ride-along program has been suspended until further notice.

Please visit this page regarding burning regulations within city of Boulder limits.

All plans submitted to the City of Boulder Fire Rescue must be submitted through the city's Customer Self-Service Portal.

In order to get a license, the city of Boulder requires all vending trucks, canteens or food service vehicles which utilize fuel for cooking to be inspected and permitted by the fire safety division. A packet explaining how to get an inspection and what we look for can be accessed by the link on the right of the page.