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Comprehensive Flood and Stormwater Master Plan

Comprehensive Flood and Stormwater Master Plan

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The Comprehensive Flood and Stormwater Master Plan pdf is the policy that guides flood management, stormwater drainage and stormwater quality in the city. City Council approved the plan in 2004, and the Stormwater Master Plan pdf was adopted in 2017.

The city has completed significant work since the September 2013 flood, which has influenced the public perceptions related to flooding. In 2020, the city has started a project to update the 2004 Comprehensive Flood and Stormwater Master Plan, and is looking at the following types of considerations: 

  • Guiding principles and policies;
  • Floodplain, stormwater, water quality and groundwater regulations;
  • Floodplain mapping practices; and
  • Prioritization criteria for capital improvement projects.

The master planning efforts will include a public process to gather ideas and feedback from the community. The Mile High Flood District will also contribute funding and assistance. Tetra Tech has been hired as a consultant on the project.

Stormwater & Flood Management Master Plan Update Schedule   

Get Involved

City staff will be recruiting community members to participate in a Community Working Group (CWG) to provide feedback on project information at various stages of the master plan update. Feedback will be used to help shape project materials. Members of the CWG will:

  • Identify and examine issues related to the stormwater and flood management utility;
  • Provide feedback on information prepared by city staff to ensure it is understandable, complete, and aligns with community goals;
  • Provide advice on community outreach strategies;
  • Help share information and gather feedback and input from other community members;
  • Attend meetings, walkabouts, and webinars; and
  • Support staff at pubic events and meetings for WRAB and Council.

Recruitment for the CWG will begin in late spring 2020.