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Flood Mitigation

Flood Mitigation

 Funding for specific flood mitigation projects has already been budgeted and appropriated as part of the city's six-year Capital Improvement Program. New flood mitigation projects (including property acquisition) are unlikely to be initiated until after these existing projects are prioritized, most likely as part of the 2015 budget process.

Schedule for Flood Mapping, Mitigation Planning, & Capital Improvement Program Projects pdf

Flood Mitigation Planning Fact Sheet pdf

Potential Flood Mitigation Projects

Since September 2013, staff from the City of Boulder and Urban Drainage & Flood Control District (UDFCD) has been collecting flood damage information from the community, site visits, surveys and FEMA data. Staff will continue to evaluate and prioritize projects based on feedback from neighbors, consultants, stakeholder organizations, the community, advisory boards and committees, and City Council.

How the City of Boulder's Resilience Strategy Saved It

Boulder, Colorado Flood: How Nature and History Shape Resilience

When one of the worst floods in Colorado history barreled through Boulder, the flood-mitigation mechanisms that the city had been implementing for decades were finally put to the ultimate test.

Downstream: RESILIENCE After the Flood

Boulder County community members share their stories of resilience one year after the September 2013 floods. Learn more about the flood and the Boulder Community Foundation's work: For 25 years, The Community Foundation has been a community catalyst, responding to immediate needs and anticipating future challenges. Through informed decision-making, we inspire ideas, ignite action and mobilize diverse resources to improve the quality of life for everyone in Boulder County.

Colorado Flood Recovery 2014

Over $3 billion in damage, 18,000+ people evacuated, 16,000+ homes damaged. This compilation video shows several areas heavily impacted by Colorado floods in 2013: Boulder County, the Little Thompson River area, Lyons, Greeley and the Poudre River, and Manitou Springs.