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  • Floodplain Map
  • Creeks of Boulder
  • Floodplain Development
  • Be Prepared
  • Community Resilience

Prepare for Floods

Floods can happen at any time in Boulder, with little or no warning. Be prepared - you may only have minutes to react.

Flood Safety & Personal Preparedness

Flood Emergency Plans

Sign up for Emergency Alerts

Sign up for FREE emergency alerts at You can get alerts via home, work, and cell phones, text messages, and email. When a flood watch or warning is issued for your area, seek response information by tuning to local news and visiting

Buy Flood Insurance Today

Buy flood insurance to protect your property.

Be Flood Smart

Protect Natural Floodplain Functions

The city has adopted regulations for development within streams, wetlands, and water bodies to help preserve and protect these natural resources.

Protect Your Property

Learn more about what steps you can take to Protect Your Property during a flood. 

Real-time Flood Gauge

Boulder Creek Surface Water Levels

Flood Watches and Warnings

Flash Flood Watch - Weather conditions may cause flash flooding in the specified area. Be ready to move to higher ground during heavy rainfall.

Flash Flood Warning - Flash flooding is occurring or is imminent in the specified area. Move to higher ground immediately. In some locations and situations, it may be safest to shelter in place on the upper floor of the building.

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