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Protect Your Property

Take protective measures now to help reduce property damage during future floods.

Flood Insurance

Most standard homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Property owners may purchase flood insurance coverage for building structures, contents insurance for personal possessions, and additional insurance coverage for sewer backups. Boulder residents and businesses are eligible for up to a 25 percent discount on standard flood insurance rates.

Sewer Backup Prevention

Learn more about how to prevent sewer backups in your building.

The sanitary sewer service line is the responsibility of the property owner, up to and including the connection to the city-owned sewer line. Property owners should consult with a professional plumber to investigate and resolve problems determined to be in the sewer service line.


A City of Boulder permit and inspection is required for projects that affect the structure of a building or its electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems.

Before beginning any flood-related projects for your property, contact P&DS to determine if a City of Boulder permit is required. Email [email protected], visit or go to the Planning and Development Services Center.

Any modifications or improvements to protect private property must not adversely impact adjacent properties and must comply with all adopted building codes, design and construction standards, and land use regulations.

Floodplain Development

Specific Floodplain Development requirements may be applicable for properties located in the floodplain. Property owners with buildings located in the 100-year floodplain are required to obtain a Floodplain Development Permit pdf before expanding a building or constructing improvements.


Qualified maintenance staff or professional contractors licensed with the City of Boulder must complete many of the projects that require a city permit. Visit the Hiring a Contractor page for lists of city-licensed professionals.