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Flood Mitigation Studies: Upper Goose Creek and Twomile Canyon Creek

Please click on the photo above to learn more about the city's flood mitigation planning process. (Please note, the presentation views better in Chrome rather than Internet Explorer)

Latest News & Updates

City staff, along with our consultants provided an update to the Water Resource Advisory Board at their March 18 meeting. Information from that meeting can be found in the Community Engagement section below. 

For information on the Skunk Creek, Bluebell Canyon Creek and King's Gulch flood mitigation study, please click here

Project Background

The City of Boulder is developing master plans to identify opportunities for flood mitigation improvements for Upper Goose Creek, and Twomile Canyon Creek. ICON Engineering has been hired as the project consultant team to assist city staff with developing and analyzing different mitigation options. Once completed, the flood mitigation plans will be a long-range planning tool to guide future flood mitigation projects in the area. 

Several mitigation alternatives were developed and are being evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Life Safety (includes protecting vulnerable populations and providing emergency response capability)
  • Property Damage Mitigation
  • Water Quality Enhancement
  • Habitat Protection and Restoration
  • Operation/Maintenance Costs
  • Protection of Cultural Resources
  • Recreation Opportunities
  • Alternative Transportation Routes
  • City Construction Costs (including benefit to cost ratio)
  • Public Opinion/Community Acceptance
  • Resiliency/Adaptability to Climate Change and Uncertainty
  • Ability to Implement Quickly

Community Engagement

March 18, 2019 Water Resources Advisory Board Meeting

City staff presented an update on the Upper Goose and Twomile Canyon Creek flood mitigation study to the Water Resources Advisory Board at their March 18, 2019 meeting. At this meeting, staff informed the WRAB how community feedback on the initial flood mitigation alternatives has helped shape the study process and discussed revisions made to the alternatives being evaluated. 

Click on the link to view the original conceptual alternatives for Upper Goose and Twomile Canyon Creek, including maps and imagery 

March 19, 2018 Open House and Water Resources Advisory Board Meeting

City staff, engineering consultants and a representative from the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District were available to explain the flood mitigation alternatives under consideration and answer questions about the study process, creeks and ditches, and creek maintenance. Participants were asked to provide input using an online questionnaire. Below are materials related to the meetings:

July 20, 2017 Flood Mitigation Workshop:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the flood mitigation workshop on July 20, 2017!  Below are links to the materials related to the workshops: 

Next Steps

Moving forward, staff will be working on the following:

  • Continue to assess the refined alternatives
  • Geotechnical analysis/groundwater monitoring at North Boulder Park
  • Conduct creek assessments to understand current conditions
  • Continue to coordinate with the Alpine-Balsam team on the area plan development
  • Develop draft mitigation recommendations
  • Conduct additional public engagement to help refine the master plan recommendations which will be brought back to the WRAB at a future date for feedback

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