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South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation: Additional Documents

Below are links to the South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation meeting minutes

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Meeting Minutes with the University of Colorado and the City of Boulder

Invoices and Monthly Progress Reports from RJH

March 2019 Invoice pdf

February 2019 Invoice pdf

January 2019 Invoice pdf

November 2018 Invoice pdf

October 2018 Invoice pdf

June 2018 Invoice pdf

May 2018 Invoice pdf

Project Rendering Invoice pdf

April 2018 Invoice pdf

March 2018 Invoice pdf

February 2018 Invoice pdf

January 2018 Invoice pdf

November 2017 Invoice pdf

October 2017 Invoice pdf

Ad-Hoc Community Group Facilitation Invoices

July 2018 Invoice pdf

May 2018 Invoice pdf

Ad-Hoc Community Group Meeting Notes

May 2018 pdf

April 2018 pdf

March 2018 pdf