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Forestry and Parks Web Apps and Maps!

Is there a public ash tree near you?

Enter your address to find out if you have a public ash tree near you. This map shows only public ash trees.

= Untreated Public Ash Trees

= Treated Ash Trees

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Public Tree Inventory with Tree Canopy

Enter your address to zoom to that area and click on the green dots to find out more information about the public trees. Results from our recent urban canopy analysis are also shown. You can also filter the tree inventory by Genus and Size by clicking on the Filter icon.

Open the map in full screen.

Map My Tree Boulder! Enter Privately Owned Trees.

Enter your address to zoom to that area. Select the approximate year planted range for the tree you wish to place on the map and click on the location of the tree. Enter more information about the tree.


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Public Tree Inventory by Top 20 Most Common Species

Enter your address or a Tree ID to zoom to that area. Note, not all trees are shown by default. Click on the Layer List icon to turn layers on or off.


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Boulder Notable Tree Tour

This map highlights just a few of Boulder's special or 'notable' trees. A tree may be 'notable' if it is related to a famous or historical person, place, or event. A tree may also be notable if it is a unique species, contributes to the community, or is part of the Colorado Tree Coalition's Champion Tree Program making it among the largest of its species in Colorado. More trees will be added so come back to check out the map!
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Trees by Park Dashboard

This Dashboard allows you to quickly see trees found in the City of Boulder Parks and interact with the data.
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