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Private Trees: Resources for Homeowners

Resources for Homeowners - Trees

Is it a public or private tree?

Type your street address into the public tree map to show all public trees near you.

Ash trees on your property

If you have ash trees on your property, make a plan NOW to either chemically treat your tree for emerald ash borer (EAB) or to remove your tree. 

Dead ash trees are more expensive to remove than living trees affected by EAB. Ash trees dry out and become very brittle as they decline and become dangerous not only for people and property but also for arborists climbing the tree. Backyard ash trees that could have been removed with climbers when alive, become expensive crane removals once dead. Contact a licensed certified arborist and read the EAB Team Tree Company Advice pdf from the Colorado EAB Response Team before hiring a company to treat or remove your trees.

If you have a public ash tree, please check the Public Ash Tree Map  to see if it is being treated. If you have a private ash tree, contact a licensed certified arborist .  

​Hiring An Arborist

The City of Boulder has an arborist licensing program for tree care contractors doing work on both public and private property within Boulder city limits. 

The City of Boulder started the licensing program for several reasons: 

  • To ensure all persons/ companies performing tree work within the city have the necessary insurance; 
  • To ensure all tree work within the city is performed in a safe, professional manner and according to industry standards; 
  • To ensure all diseased/infested wood is disposed of in a proper manner to prevent the spread of insect/disease problems; and 
  • To maximize environmental benefits derived from the Boulder urban forest.  

Authorization is needed from Boulder Forestry before planting, pruning, spraying or removing any tree in the city right-of-way. This enables Boulder Forestry to keep an up-to-date tree inventory and ensures proper species selection, placement and care of new or existing trees. For more information, call the Boulder Forestry office at (303) 441-4406, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

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