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Street Tree Planting Program

Street Trees

Request a free street tree to be planted near your home!

The Street Tree Planting Program supports the continued vitality of our urban forest, environmental sustainability and Climate Action Plan goals.

Urban Forestry staff will check each requested planting site in the fall of each year. If your site qualifies, we will plant a street tree for you the following spring for free. You will be contacted directly if your site does not qualify.


  • Submit the form below to request a tree for the following spring.
  • Agree to adequately water and care for the tree.
  • Planning to be long-term residents.
  • Public street right-of-way must be a minimum of 4 feet wide.
  • Property should have a curb and gutter.
  • Selected trees will be 1.5 to 2 inches caliper size and 8’ to 12’ tall depending on species. (Caliper size is a measurement of the tree trunk at 6 inches above the soil line.)

We will mark the new planting site in the spring with a white stake prior to planting. Utility locates will then be requested. If utilities are clear, your new tree will be planted on the city street right-of-way adjoining your property within one week.

Public street rights-of-way widths, irrigation, soil type and proximity to other trees and overhead utilities will determine the type, size, number and spacing of trees selected by staff. We will select the tree species and planting location that ensures proper tree growth, safety, and maintenance.

Cooperation between the City of Boulder and residents is essential for tree establishment. Residents are asked to monitor the general health of new trees for the first few years, maintain mulch around the base of the tree, and to water street trees regularly to keep roots moist. Tree care information is provided to residents when street trees are planted. The forestry staff inspects street trees periodically and is available for consultation.

We are no longer taking requests for the 2020 spring planting season.

All new requests will be evaluated for the Spring 2021 planting season!