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Emerald Ash Borer and Other Tree Pests

Damage to ash trees caused by EAB

EAB Information


Top 5 things to know about Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in Boulder


  1. EAB is a non-native beetle that has killed hundreds of millions of North American ash trees. More than 70,000 ash in Boulder and 1.45 million ash in metro Denver are at risk. 
  2. Pesticide options are available to protect trees, but EAB is fatal if ash are not treated.  
  3. Boulder Forestry is treating approximately 1,300 public street and park ash trees and is removing and replacing remaining ash trees with a diverse mix of non-ash species.   
  4. Most ash are on private property however, so homeowners need to act now! 
  5. YOU can help! Find out what you can do to keep Boulder's tree canopy resilient and diverse. 

Are you treating or planning to treat a public ash tree? Let us know!

Is there a public ash tree near you?

Enter your address to find out if you have a public ash tree near you. This map shows only Public Ash trees.

= Untreated Public Ash Trees

= Treated Ash Trees

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EAB: More Information



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