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Discounted Tree Sale

In an effort to support tree diversity in Boulder’s urban forest, Boulder residents now have an opportunity to purchase trees at a discounted rate. Tree plantings on private property will play an important role in mitigating the impacts of Emerald Ash Borer and other threats. The more diverse our urban forest, the more resilient and sustainable it will be. Help join the effort by planting a tree on your property.

The online sale begins at 8 a.m., Monday, April 22 (while supplies last). Trees are available to City of Boulder residents only. Maximum two trees per person. 

175 trees in 15 gal. containers will be sold below wholesale prices. 



Species and subsidized tree cost

Small Statured Trees (generally 20-25 feet at maturity)

  • Eastern redbud, $70.75
  • ‘Galaxy’ Magnolia, $65.75
  • ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple, $54
  • ‘Hot Wings’ Tatarian Maple (multi-stem), $75.50
  • Japanese Tree Lilac ‘Ivory Silk’, $72.75
  • ‘Rocky Mountain Glow’ Bigtooth Maple, $71.75
  • Russian Hawthorn (single-stem), $66
  • Russian Hawthorn (multi-stem), $66.25
  • Crabapple ‘Spring Snow’, $64

Medium Statured Trees (generally 35-45 feet at maturity)

  • American Yellowwood, $72
  • ‘Autumn Splendor’ Buckeye, $78
  • ‘Queen Elizabeth’ Hedge Maple, $72.75
  • ‘Sensation’ Boxelder, $67.55
  • Turkish Filbert, $67.25

Large Statured Trees (generally 50-80 feet at maturity)

  • Chinkapin Oak, $72
  • ‘Espresso’ Kentucky Coffeetree, $78
  • ‘Fall Fiesta’ Sugar Maple, $69.50
  • Swamp White Oak, $69.50
  • Tulip Tree, $64