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Tree Water and Care

Help Your Street Trees!  

A cooperative effort exists between the City and the adjacent property owners in caring for street trees. While the city provides pruning, removal, and planting services, adjacent property owners must play a role in protecting our public street trees through watering, mulch, and landscape practices. 


Adopt a Street Tree 

Many trees growing in the right-of-way strips do not have a water source. We ask that residents help water trees throughout the growing season. Water a tree in the median or right-of-way that may not be receiving water.   

A newly planted tree:  As a general guideline we recommend watering 10 gallons per inch of trunk diameter, two times a week. For a 3-inch tree, this equates to 30 gallons per watering event. 

An established or mature tree:  As a general guideline, we recommend watering 15 gallons per inch trunk diameter, two times a week. For a 10-inch tree, this equates to 150 gallons per watering event.  

Tips on tree watering in a drought pdf

Authorization is needed from Boulder Forestry before planting, pruning, spraying or removing any tree in the public street right-of-way. This enables Boulder Forestry to keep an up-to-date tree inventory and ensures proper species selection, placement and care of new or existing trees. For more information, call the Boulder Forestry office at (303) 441-4406, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

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