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Boulder Valley Employee Survey-FAQ


Boulder Valley Employee Survey Home | Frequently Asked Questions 

Q - Who can participate?

Anyone who works or lives in Boulder can participate in the survey using the smartphone app.

Q - How long does the survey take?

The Trip Tracking period will begin from the moment you accept the Location permission. It will last for the remaining hours of that day and for the next complete week day. For example, if you install the app on Wednesday evening, it will track you on Wednesday evening and night, and all day Thursday. If you install the app on a Friday, it will track the remaining hours of Friday, all Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. You will receive a notification when a trip is recorded. It will take about 1 minute to annotate each trip’s details. The Questionnaires sections take about 4 minutes to complete.​

Q - Will you spy on me?

This app tracks and records your movements, but the data is not connected to names, addresses or any sensitive information that could be tied to an individual. All data is anonymous and aggregated. The collected data can only be accessed by National Research Center staff. The aggregated data will be used by city staff to improve transportation planning efforts.

Q - Can I deny the use of GPS or Notifications?

The app relies entirely on GPS and Notifications to work correctly, so denying the permissions renders the app unable to record your trip information, and effectively means that you decline participation in the survey. You can still take the a paper or online version of the survey, based on your preference, instead of using the app.  Links for those are also on the main survey page.

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