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Living Lab Data and Evaluation

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The Living Lab allows the city to test new street designs intended to enhance travel safety and is part of the 2014 Transportation Master Plan. Your experience is a vital component of the Living Lab evaluation process.

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Evaluation Process

City staff is observing conditions and gathering travel data from along Folsom and adjacent streets and is comparing this information with baseline data pdf from the previous street conditions. The primary evaluation criteria are safety, vehicle travel times, bicycle traffic volumes, vehicle traffic volumes and vehicle speeds. The city also is collecting secondary data, such as user demographics and traffic diversion onto other streets. The city strives to balance quantitative data with qualitative user feedback when making its recommendations. 

The city will continue to collect data from the remaining portions of the Folsom Street Living Lab and will continue to update this site.


Data pdf   ♦   Bike Counts   ♦   Aug. 25 Study Session

Baseline Data and Evaluation Criteria

Bike Counts on Folsom Street