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Neighborhood Eco (NECO) Pass Program Resources

Neighborhood Eco (NECO) Pass Program Resources

Start a Neighborhood Eco (NECO) Pass Program

Want to bring the NECO Pass Program to your neighborhood? Read through these documents for tips on getting started, or contact Allison Crump, NECO Pass Program Coordinator. You can Download Eco Pass Resources from the menu in the related links section.

Request NECO Resources for Active Neighborhoods

Please request any of these documents from the NECO Pass Program Coordinator.

  • RTD 2016 Authorization Form
  • 2018 Get the Word-Out
  • 2018 Printing & Mailing Instructions
  • 2018 Address & Mailing Instructions
  • 2018 Roster Template
  • 2018 SmartCard Portal Management
  • 2018 Pricing Zone Map
  • 2018 Set Up or Renew EcoPass Program
  • 2018 BBBF EcoPass Procedures
  • 2018 BBBF FAQ's
  • Review of RTD Contract

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Pass

If your NECO Pass smart card has been lost or stolen, you need to go to your neighborhood NECO Pass coordinator who will deactivate the lost or stolen card and issue you a form giving you authorization and instructions on how to get a new card made when you go to the RTD Eco Pass Service Center. You will be charged $10 per replacement pass. 

How do I join an EcoPass Neighborhood?

If you DO NOT reside in an existing NECO Pass area, you can start an Eco Pass program in your neighborhood. Please review the "NECO Pass Start Information" in the right hand column, especially the RTD NECO Guide and Start NECO Pass Program to get a sense of what it will take. If you feel you have enough interest in your neighborhood to meet the RTD requirements, please contact GO Boulder or the NECO Pass Program Coordinator and let them know you would like to start a NECO Pass Program in your neighborhood.


If you have any questions about setting up a NECO Pass program, please contact Allison Crump, NECO Pass Program Coordinator, at 720-564-2368 or [email protected]

For more information, contact GO Boulder at 303-441-3266. You can also visit the RTD website for more information on this and other RTD fares and programs.