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Neighborhood EcoPass Program (NECO Pass Program)

Why sign up for a neighborhood EcoPass program?

Nearly 45 neighborhoods in the City of Boulder participate in the Neighborhood EcoPass Program. These 45 neighborhoods account for nearly 6,700 households in 2018, meaning those households qualify for a transit pass. Thousands more households in the City of Boulder are eligible to participate in the NECO Pass Program.

Reduced Costs

The annual cost for this transit pass under the neighborhood EcoPass program ranges any where from $115 per household to $900 for a regional commuter. The regular cost of a single EcoPass for a single year can cost between $1,089 to $1,881 depending if you are a local or regional commuter. As a result, there are great benefits for residents to participate in this program. There is also a 50 percent subsidy available for first-time participating neighborhood and an on-going subsidy of 30 to 35 percent for renewing neighborhoods.

Great Transit Options

The transit pass is good on all RTD routes and services, including:

  • All local bus routes
  • All regional routes
  • All Light Rail lines
  • A Line to Denver International Airport (DIA)
  • Skyride to Denver International Airport (DIA)
  • The "N" route to Eldora Mountain Resort

Healthier Community

Neighborhoods that participate in the Neighborhood EcoPass program have reported a dramatic increase in transit use. Residents with a pass in hand drive less, which results in less congestion and pollution in our community.

How do I join an EcoPass neighborhood?

The City of Boulder has created an interactive map below to help you identify whether you already live in a participating EcoPass neighborhood. 

To find out simply follow the two-step instructions below:

  1. Type your address in the map below to see if you live in an existing NECO Pass area or neighborhood.
  2. If you do reside inside a NECO Pass area or neighborhood, click at the specific area or neighborhood that you live in to access your designated neighborhood coordinator contact information to find out how you can participate.

If you do not reside in an existing NECO Pass area, you can start an EcoPass program in your neighborhood. Please review the  NECO Pass Start Information pdf document, especially the  NECO Pass Program pdf document to understand what the requirements are to start an NECO Neighborhood. If you feel you have enough interest in your neighborhood to meet the RTD requirements, please contact GO Boulder or the NECO Pass Program Coordinator and let them know you would like to start a NECO Pass Program in your neighborhood. 

Click the link below for the full-sized interactive map along with detailed instructions on how to use the map.

Detailed instructions for interactive map

Become a Neighborhood Coordinator

If you're interested in starting a new neighborhood program, please contact Allison Crump, the city's NECO Pass Program Coordinator, at [email protected] or 720-564-2368. 

Learn more

For more information, contact GO Boulder at 303-441-3266. You can also visit RTD's website for more information about this and other RTD passes and programs.


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