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The Way of the Path

The Way of the Path


Week 8 will explore being aware and courteous on multi-use paths. Think of the multi-use paths as rivers. There is a current and you need to figure out the best way to get into or out of that current. If you are on a bike traveling at the speed of car traffic in a roadside bike lane and decide to take a short cut on the path, you need to change your mentality from car traffic to foot traffic. Slow down, look both ways and take time see what is happening on the path. Once you have assessed the situation, carefully add yourself to the flow of traffic. This may mean pulling over, yielding someone the right of way, letting someone know you intend to pass them, or just smiling at oncoming pathgoers to remind yourself how great it is to live somewhere we can travel around town on a multi-use path system. You can learn more about proper etiquette of passing on multi-use paths by visiting the GO Boulder Blog . 

View the official rules for the Way of the Path Pledge Sweepstakes.

Whether you are a walker, runner, skater or cyclist, we all enjoy using Boulder’s multi-use path system. It is a central part of our community, and we use it for everything from recreation to commuting to exercise. With such a diverse group of people using the paths, there’s bound to be a lot going on along each route.

So, how do we all keep traffic moving safely and smoothly? By joining The Way of The Path, a series of eight rules designed to encourage proper etiquette and safety for all path users. If everyone pledges to follow the eight rules, the flow and safety of the path will certainly improve. So do your part and pledge!

Pledging is easy, complete the Week 8 Survey by about this week’s The Way of the Path topic to learn the rules, be responsible, and pledge to do your part to ensure that everyone can safely enjoy Boulder’s multi-use paths. You’ll earn a chance to win the weekly survey prize, a $25 Downtown Boulder Inc. gift card, and an entry into a grand prize drawing for a Timbuk2 all-weather travel bag.  Make sure your survey is completed by 5 p.m. on Monday,December 1.

Past Surveys

While there have already been winners of the $25 gift card to Downtown Boulder businesses from the previous surveys below. If you complete the surveys below you will still have the opportunity to win our grand prize a Way of the Path branded Timbuk2 Messenger bag.

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The Way of the Path Rules

1. Keep right. Pass left.

Boulder’s multi-use paths work just like our roads. Always stay to the right side of the path in order to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Pass on the left and then return to the right.

2. Tell 'em you're passing.

Ring your bell or say “on your left!” to alert other path users you are coming. This keeps everyone safe from unexpected collisions. 

3. 15 mph speed limit.

Whether you’re running late or just out there for fun, remember the speed limit is 15 mph. 

4. Use a light at night.

Keep yourself and others safe by using a bike light on both the front and back of your bike. This way you can see where you are going, and people can see you coming. 

5. Be aware and courteous.

We know that everyone uses the path for different reasons. Share Boulder’s multi-use paths by acting considerately and following the rules.

6. Leash your dog and scoop the poop.

Keep dogs leashed and obstacles out of the way to keep the path running smoothly.

7. Be predictable and visible.

Avoid surprising other path users by slowing down around curves and paying attention to your surroundings.

8. E-bikes allowed.

Electric-assisted bicycles are allowed on Boulder’s multi-use paths. Enjoy this technology while still adhering to The Way of the Path .


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