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The Way of the Path

The Way of the Path

Whether you are a walker, runner, skater or cyclist, we all enjoy using Boulder’s multi-use path system. It is a central part of our community, and we use it for everything from recreation to commuting to exercise. With such a diverse group of people using the paths, there’s bound to be a lot going on along each route.

So, how do we all keep traffic moving safely and smoothly? By joining The Way of The Path, a series of rules designed to encourage proper etiquette and safety for all path users. If everyone pledges to follow the five rules, the flow and safety of the path will certainly improve. So do your part and pledge!

The Way of the Path Rules

1. Keep right. Pass left.

Boulder’s multi-use paths work just like our roads. Always stay to the right side of the path in order to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Pass on the left and then return to the right.

2. Use an audible signal when passing.

Ring your bell or say “on your left!” to alert other path users you are coming. This keeps everyone safe from unexpected collisions. 

3. 15 mph speed limit.

Whether you’re running late or just out there for fun, remember the speed limit is 15 mph. 

4. Slow down in high traffic areas.

It can get pretty busy on the path, especially in popular areas. Make sure you slow down and watch out for other users in these areas.

5. Keep dogs on a short leash

Keep dogs on a short leash and obstacles out of the way to keep the path running smoothly.