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Housing Stability Resources - Landlords and Tenants

The City of Boulder’s Housing & Human Services (HHS) Department creates a healthy, socially thriving and inclusive community by supporting human services programs and creating and preserving diverse housing options to serve the Boulder community. 

The city is partnering with Boulder County and local nonprofits to better serve our community members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Resource information can be found at: and

The latest information on Evictions and Forclosures protections can be found here pdf.

HHS offers services and supports many service providers in our community to help keep community members housed. If you are experiencing challenges in this area, here is what you can do:

  1. Talk with your landlord, tenant or lender.

Discuss options and agree on a plan and put it in writing. Also, the State of Colorado offers rental assistance to both tenants and landlords. Landlords can apply for assistance on behalf of their tenants through the Property Owner Preservation Program .

Open communication between landlords and tenants has often proven successful in reaching a compromise on issues. It is important for landlords and tenants to work together and understand each others limitations. If you are experiencing financial difficulties related to the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, contact your landlord to discuss the financial realities and develop a plan that can work for both of you. Some options may include a payment plan, temporary rent reduction (if possible), substituting services for rent or other creative solutions. Be sure to document any agreement in writing.

  1. Seek Rental Assistance or Community Mediation.

The City of Boulder is working with EFAA, Emergency Family Assistance Association, to help fund rental assistance for community members.

Boulder’s Community Mediation Services program can facilitate conversations and help resolve landlord / tenant issues, roommate conflicts and more. This program provides mediation, restorative justice and meeting facilitation services for residents of the City of Boulder and some areas of unincorporated Boulder County through collaborative funding. CMS also provides neutral information relating to landlord-tenant matters. 

Mediation is a dispute resolution process that is an alternative to hiring lawyers, going to court or continuing a situation that could escalate. It is a consensual process, meaning both parties must voluntarily agree to mediate the dispute (unless it is court-ordered mediation).

  1. Find help through the Housing Helpline.

The bilingual Boulder County Housing Helpline helps people cover their housing costs or find ways to work with their landlords. Call 303-441-1206 to talk with a Housing Specialist who can help you assess your needs and apply for resources that may be available to you.  

Visit Boulder County's website for a comprehensive list of resources during COVID-19: and


The City of Boulder is working with local, county and state partners to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect the well-being of our community. The City of Boulder has declared a local disaster emergency in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it is having on the city. The latest information can be found at  .