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The HRWG was formed in 2015 to provide a mechanism for sustained stakeholder engagement to guide the refinement and implementation of the Hill Reinvestment Strategy (HRS).

In 2017, members of the HRWG determined that the implementing the quality of life improvements in the University Hill neighborhood and commercial district respectively would benefit from two unique working groups: a Hill Reinvestment Neighborhood Working Group (HRWG-N) and Hill Reinvestment Commercial Working Group (HRWG-C). The HRWG-N is now staffed by the city’s Neighborhood Services Division, and the HRWG-C is now staffed by the city’s Economic Vitality Division.


The working group is made up of representatives of thirteen Hill stakeholder organizations:

  • City Council, CU Administration
  • CU Off-Campus Housing
  • CU Student Government
  • The University Hill Commercial Area Management Commission (UHCAMC)
  • The University Hill Neighborhood Association (UHNA)
  • The Hill Boulder business association
  • The Responsible Hospitality Group (RHG)
  • The Boulder Area Rental Housing Association (BARHA)
  • The Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)
  • Panhellenic
  • Residential and commercial property owners