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Boulder Historic Preservation Plan

Boulder Historic Preservation Plan

The City of Boulder’s Historic Preservation Plan was accepted in 2013 and has guided the Historic Preservation program over the last five years by helping to establish priorities and informing the annual work plan. Funding for the plan was provided through a Certified Local Government (CLG) grant that was used to hire a consultant, HistoryMatters, to assess the program, establish goals and objectives for the program, and recommend strategies to achieve these goals. 

Goals to Guide the City of Boulder's Historic Preservation Plan

  • Ensure the protection of Boulder's significant historic, architectural, and environmental resources;

  • Actively engage the community in historic preservation efforts;

  • Make review processes clear, predictable and objective;

  • Continue leadership in historic preservation and environmental sustainability; and

  • Encourage preservation of historic resources.

Five-Year Update of the Historic Preservation Plan

The scope of the five-year update of the Historic Preservation Plan, started in the fall of 2018, included confirmation of the goals and objectives, documenting progress toward the goals in the first five years and updating the recommendations and associated timeline and roles. The five-year update will not revisit the current program description or assessment. It is anticipated that an in-depth update of the Historic Preservation Plan would be undertaken in 2023 as part of a 10-year update. 

Community Engagement

Public participation is anticipated to occur through the formation of a working group that will meet throughout the process, and community members will be invited to participate through open houses and an online survey. 

Please fill out the survey below to share your views on the plan's update. Please also be sure to review the plan prior to completing the survey.

Draft Assessment of Progress Toward Goals

Since 2013, the Landmarks Board  accomplishments have been documented in “Year in Review” handouts and reviewed at annual retreats. At the retreats, the Landmarks Board has identified priorities from the Historic Preservation Plan to focus efforts in the following year.

Browse the Assessment of Progress Toward Goals pdf and reference pages 30-39 of the plan for a detailed explanation of each recommendation.

Schedule and Process

Phase I: Draft Assessment of 2013-2018 Progress Toward Goals; Confirm
Goals and Objectives (September - October)

Confirm goals and objectives and gather feedback on the progress to date and proposed

Phase II: Draft Revisions  
Review draft revisions to the recommendations

Phase III: Final Revisions 
Finalize revisions to the recommendations 

Phase IV: Adoption 

  • Community Open House #2 
  • Landmarks Board Meeting 
  • City Council Meeting