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Criteria for Individual Landmark Designation

Criteria for Individual Landmark Designation


All Landmarks must illustrate Historic, Architectural, and Environmental significance.

Historic Significance

The place (building, site) should show character, interest or value as part of the development, heritage, or cultural characteristics of the community, state or nation; be the site of an historic, or prehistoric event that had an effect upon society; or exemplify the cultural, political, economic, or social heritage of the community.

  • Date of Construction
    Particular importance is placed on the age of the structure.
  • Association with Historic Persons or Events
  • Distinction in the Development of the Community of Boulder
    This is most applicable to an institution (religious, educational, civic, etc.) or business structure, though in some cases residences might qualify. It stresses the importance of preserving those places that demonstrate the growth during different time spans in the history of Boulder.
  • Recognition by Authorities
    Significant recognition by Historic Boulder, Inc., the Boulder Historical Society, local historians, State Historical Society, "The Improvement of Boulder, Colorado" by F.L. Olmsted, or others in published form.
  • Other, if applicable

Architectural Significance

The place should embody those distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type specimen, a good example of the common; be the work of an architect or master builder; contain elements of architectural design, detail, materials or craftsmanship that represent a significant innovation; or be a fine example of the uncommon.

  • Recognized Period/Style
    Exemplifies specific elements of an architectural period/style, i.e.: Queen Anne, Terrace, Vernacular types.
  • Architect or Builder of Prominence
    A good example of the work of an architect or builder who is recognized for expertise in his field nationally, state-wide, or locally.
  • Artistic Merit
    A skillful integration of design, material, and color which is of excellent visual quality and/or demonstrates superior craftsmanship.
  • Example of the Uncommon
    Elements of architectural design, details, or craftsmanship that are representative of a significant innovation.
  • Indigenous Qualities
    A style or material that is particularly associated with the Boulder area.
  • Other, if applicable

Environmental Significance

The place should enhance the variety, interest, and sense of identity of the community by the protection of the unique natural and man-made environment.

  • Site Characteristics
    It should be of high quality in terms of planned or natural vegetation.
  • Compatibility with Site
    Consideration will be given to scale, massing placement, or other qualities of design with respect to its site.
  • Geographic Importance
    Due to its unique location or singular physical characteristics, it represents an established and familiar visual feature of the community.
  • Environmental Appropriateness
    The surroundings are complementary and/or it is situated in a manner particularly suited to its function.
  • Area Integrity
    Places which provide historical, architectural, or environmental importance and continuity of an existing condition; yet if taken singularly or out of context it might not qualify under other criteria.
  • Other, if applicable

Landmark Designated Buildings Photo Gallery

Landmark Designated Buildings

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