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Homeless Action Plan

Homeless Action Plan




Addressing homelessness is a high priority for City Council and the community. Preventing, addressing and reducing homelessness are also key goals of the Boulder County Ten-Year Plan to Address Homelessness (TYP).

The city is working with community partners to develop a City of Boulder Homeless Action Plan to better guide city actions under the umbrella of the TYP. Many strategies are being implemented to address homelessness in the community.

Homeless Action Plan Goals

  • Clarify city’s role in addressing homelessness in Boulder
  • Maximize efficiency and effectiveness of city resources in reducing homelessness
  • Engage community and regional partners more broadly in determining effective long-term solutions
  • Evaluate progress in moving people out of homelessness.

Homeless Action Plan Strategies

  1. Strengthen regional partnerships
  2. Develop innovative solutions to increase housing options
  3. Improve local service integration and coordination
  4. Improve community education

Council memos related to the Homeless Action Plan can be found here.

Current Efforts

The City of Boulder supports and partners in a number of initiatives to address homelessness:

  • City funding supports programs offering food, shelter, health, mental health, case management, help with benefits, employment training and connections to long-term housing solutions.
  • Investments in housing for low-income and homeless people have helped hundreds of people avoid or exit homelessness. Thirty-one new units of supportive housing for the most vulnerable opened in November 2014.
  • The city is a partner in regional initiatives to improve service coordination, expand housing access and better assess the needs of our homeless population. Examples include the 25 Cities Initiative.
  • The city is working with communities on the seven-county Denver Metro Mayors Caucus Subcommittee on Homelessness and the Boulder County Consortium of Cities to advance the goal of regional coordination and support.
  • Multiple city departments collaborate with community partners to direct people in need to resources and stop the “revolving door” through emergency services.
  • The Municipal Court received additional funding in 2013 to enhance the ability of probation officers to facilitate connection to case management services. By participating as a service provider at the Bridge House Resource Center, they have connected clients to services more effectively. 
  • The Boulder Police Department (BPD) responded to safety concerns of the community and increased police presence int he downtown area. This is part of a collaborative effort with other City departments including Human Services, the City Attorney’s Office, Parks and Recreation and Boulder Municipal Court. 
  • BPD is collaborating with Mental Health Partners to implement a grant-funded early intervention program called EDGE.  EDGE teams police officers with mental health clinicians to proactively provide immediate mental health resources to those in need and to divert individuals with behavioral health conditions from the justice system.

Since 2013, city investments in addressing homelessness have contributed to:

  • More than 100 people have received employment training, and subsequently gained employment;
  • More than 2,100 people at-risk of becoming homeless have received temporary assistance with rent, utilities or other expenses to prevent a costly slide into homelessness;
  • 79,000 meals served/food distributed;
  • More than 2,000 people received emergency overnight shelter;
  • Approximately 200 people were provided with transitional housing;
  • Between 600-900 people received onsite medical, mental health or substance use services at homeless service organizations; and
  • Approximately 330 people maintained or obtained permanent housing.

In 2014:

  • Thirteen people from Boulder County have been accepted into Fort Lyon, a supportive residential program in Bent County for people experiencing homelessness and in need of substance use treatment;
  • Transitional housing increased options for nearly 150 families and individuals;
  • Boulder County expanded Medicaid enrollment has significantly increased access to health care and medication for homeless adults; and
  • More than 200 permanent housing options were created.

For more information, please see the Boulder County Ten-Year Plan to Address Homelessness and Ten-Year Plan Accomplishments. pdf

Next Steps:

  1. Development of draft Action Plan first quarter, 2015;
  2. City Council check-in as part of the Human Services Strategy Update, April 28, 2015.
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