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City of Boulder Homelessness Working Group


What is the Homelessness Working Group?

The Homelessness Working Group is a group of local homeless service providers, health providers, local government and current/former homeless residents working on a plan to improve local homeless services. The Working Group goal is to develop a focused plan for addressing emergency day and night sheltering, Resource Center Services, coordinated entry, housing targets, data metrics and evaluation plan by May 1, 2017. The work of this group builds on current efforts underway, and is in concert with the larger county-wide and regional efforts to address homelessness for all populations.

Why was the Homelessness Working Group created?

During summer 2016, increasing community issues emerged regarding the stability of space and programs for day and night homeless sheltering. In addition, a need was identified to develop more specific homeless housing targets as part of city housing policy and the city’s Homelessness Strategy, currently under development. To address these issues, the city convened the Homelessness Working Group (Working Group) in the fall of 2016, comprised of city and county staff, homeless service providers and homeless client representatives. Working Group Plan recommendations will be included in the Homelessness Strategy.

Who is on the Working Group and how was membership determined?

Working Group Goal: Focused and specific plan for addressing emergency day and night sheltering, Resource Center Services, coordinated entry, housing targets and outcomes/metrics.
Timeline: Plan developed by May 1, 2017
Membership Considerations:

  • Subject Matter Expertise to address the design and development of emergency services system with particular knowledge and expertise related to the adult emergency services.
  • Building on Work Already Done – During 2016, representatives from the City of Boulder, Boulder County and Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO), Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (BSH) and Bridge House have been meeting monthly to assess progress and results from the expanded day shelter and Resource Center pilot jointly sponsored by the city and county. This existing group has also been working together on an integrated data plan and has made progress in sharing, matching and analysis of data.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness – The scope of work for the Homeless Working Group is complex, developing an action plan to address critical community issues in a relatively short time frame. The structure below, with a smaller core group and extended and expert advisory groups, seeks to balance the importance of broad community participation with the need for efficient working meetings resulting in meeting timelines and benchmarks.

Timing and Process for Extended and Advisory Working Group Members:
Extended and advisory members will be invited to meetings based on this schedule and their areas of expertise/interest. The City of Boulder is also in the process of hiring a facilitator to help manage and adjust timelines and benchmarks.
Proposed Core Group Members:

  • City of Boulder Human Services and Housing
  • BSH
  • Bridge House
  • BOHO
  • Boulder County HHS and Community services
  • Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA)
  • Homeless client representative(s)
  • Mental Health Partners
  • Attention Homes

Advisory and Specific Topics:

  • City of Boulder Public Safety
  • City of Boulder Municipal Court
  • City of Longmont
  • BHP- Housing Authority
  • Faith Communities, Other Service and Health Providers
  • Business Community
  • Other Local and Regional Partners
  • Other Funders

Working Group Report

Meeting Agendas, Presentations, and Summaries

(Last Updated 5/12/2017)

November 2, 2016 pdf
November 16, 2016 pdf
December 21, 2016 pdf
January 27, 2017 pdf 
February 1, 2017 pdf   
February 15, 2017 pdf       
March 1, 2017 pdf               
March 3, 2017 pdf              
March 21, 2017 pdf         
April 5, 2017 pdf
April 19, 2017 pdf                


Staff Contact

Wendy Schwartz, Planning and Program Development Manager, [email protected], 303-441-1818.

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