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Who Experiences Homelessness in Boulder?

Community stigma and lack of understanding about homelessness are often cited as concerns by community members and stakeholders. Some residents may not realize how broadly homlessness reaches and how easily it could happen to them, their friends or their neighbors. 

Who experiences homelessness in Boulder?

Adults, youth and families can all experience homelessness. They may be chronically homeless, with a long-term or repeated history of homelessness, or transitionally homeless, pushed into homelessness by a sudden shock such as job loss or illness. 

Chronically homeless individuals often have significant and serious disabling conditions, including mental and physical health conditions and substance abuse. However, while the image of chronically homeless individuals may be what the public sees most often, this population only represents a quarter of people experiencing homelessness in Boulder. Many more people are transitionally homeless, while less visible in the community. 

Homeless Population, City of Boulder (2012-2016)

There may be overlap between categories of homeless within this chart. 
*Source: combination of PIT and PSH study data. 
**Source: PIT data. 
***Source: McKinney-Vento data. 

For more information on who experiences homelessness in Boulder, view pages 11-13 and Appendix D of the city's homelessness strategy

Single Adult Homelessness Services Dashboard 

View the Single Adult Homelessness Services Dashboard with data on housing outcomes for single homeless adults in Boulder. 

Why do people experience homelessness in Boulder?

There are several reasons why people experience homelessness in Boulder:

  • The growing gap between wages and cost of living 
  • High housing costs 
  • Family instability and domestic violence 
  • Health problems

For more information on why people experience homelessness in Boulder, view pages 9-11 of the city's homelessness strategy


Vicki Ebner, Homeless Initiatives Program Manager,  [email protected] , 303-441-3161