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Boulder Civic Area Project

Boulder Civic Area Project

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The Boulder Civic Area Project is part of Central Broadway Planning Projects (CB-PP). Please visit the CB-PP website!

New 11th Street Spine Pedestrian Bridge to open Monday, April 24

The new 11th Street Spine Pedestrian Bridge, installed last month, will officially open for pedestrian traffic during a brief opening ceremony on Monday afternoon, April 24, at 4 p.m. The event will feature a ribbon-cutting and first walk across the bridge with Boulder area schoolchildren, including some who suggested the ideas that were incorporated into the final design. The new bridge will better connect both sides of the creek and provide a clear corridor from downtown through the Civic Area to University Hill.

Here are a few important notes about the bridge opening: 

  • The new bridge features two separate spans. The longer 90-foot section spans over Boulder Creek. A shorter 60-foot section spans future pedestrian pathway. For the opening few weeks, pedestrians will need to cross both bridge sections. In the next few months, intermediate pedestrian access points will be permanently opened along the two spans. But, for the short term, the route between the Municipal Building and Park Central / New Britain buildings will be a bit longer.  
  • The new pedestrian bridge is designed to darken with further exposure to the elements. For now, the bridge surface features random hues of grey and rust-orange. This is a short-term condition. An oxidation process will take several months before the bridge turns into its final uniform, darker complexion.
  • The old, existing bridge that spans Boulder Creek near the new bridge will be closed and removed in the next few weeks.

Municipal Building/North Library parking lot reopens

The Municipal Building/North Library parking lot redesign is complete and is now fully open. This new design restores 18 parking spots that had been closed during construction.

Within the next week, construction crews will close the northwest corner of the Main Library (Arapahoe Avenue) parking lot. This will result in the closure of a few parking spaces. It will also slightly change vehicle circulation through the lot. The closed area will also extend south to the main Library entryway, closing the north sliding-glass door entrance only. The remaining east and south facing sliding doors will remain open throughout construction. These closures are expected to last until mid-summer or longer.


Civic Area HD Webcam offers live streaming from the construction site

You can continue to view live construction work by clicking on the window, or go to a full page live stream video of Civic Area construction. Please note the camera usually is live from 9 a.m. until sunset each day. The camera is usually shutdown overnights and early mornings to conserve energy.

Please also watch the Boulder Channel 8 - Inside Boulder News Segment on the Civic Area Live Stream Cam


Interactive Map of Civic Area

The map below denotes Civic Area focus areas. Drag your cursor over the orange dot to read the title of the focus area. Please click on the corresponding orange dot for more information. 

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Concurrent Projects that contribute to the Civic Area Project

Civic Area Civic Use Pad

Discussions are ongoing regarding the potential for a mixed-use building on the pad adjacent to the St. Julien Hotel, including a “civic use” space.

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