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Fresh Perspectives on Housing Boulder

The Fresh Perspectives on Housing Boulder event on April 27, 2015 focused on Boulder’s housing affordability challenges and discussing what Boulder can learn from other communities’ experiences.

Four guest speakers from outside of Colorado shared their insights, examples of best practices, and observations about Boulder’s housing challenges, then answered questions.

Guest panelists David Doezema, Karen Chapple, Doug Engmann, and Molly Kaufman discussed the:

  • economics of development, including the impacts of job growth on housing demand;
  • relationship between housing supply and housing costs;
  • psychological effects of change in a community; and
  • strategies to ensure that development benefits the community.

The four panelists then answered questions from the audience about other communities’ experiences and how the lessons learned elsewhere can be applied to Boulder’s housing challenges.

Check out the audience polling results. pdf

Watch the Event

The April 27, 2015 event was videotaped and the recorded video will be broadcast four times per week on Comcast Channel 8 pdf.

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• Karen Chapple – an academic focused on ensuring that new development benefits local communities

• David Doezema – a practitioner focused on the cost and revenue of new development (including the impacts of job growth on housing demand)

• Doug Engmann – a free market economist focused on the relationship between housing supply and housing costs

• Molly Rose Kaufman – a journalist and community organizer focused on the psychological effects of change in a community


Melinda Pollack – co-chair of Mile High Connects, a collaboration of more than 20 philanthropic agencies and nonprofits dedicated to ensuring that all people benefit from the Denver region’s transportation system, with a focus on housing, jobs, education and health.

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