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30th and Pearl

30th and Pearl


Boulder Junction is a 160-acre redevelopment area that is being transformed into a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented neighborhood with regional transit connections and public spaces that will benefit the entire community. The vision for the area is guided by the 2007 Transit Village Area Plan (TVAP). pdf

The impetus for Boulder Junction began in 2000, when the City of Boulder initiated a planning effort for a transit-oriented development (TOD), in anticipation of new transit facilities to be located near the 29th Street Mall. Through a site selection process, a 4.3-acre site at the northeast corner of 30th Street and Pearl Parkway (then owned by Pollard Friendly Motor Company) was identified as the preferred location for a TOD.

In October 2004, the city, in partnership with the Regional Transportation District (RTD), acquired the site from Pollard Friendly Motor Company, which retained a lease to occupy the western 5.5-acre portion of the site through October of 2016.

The goals for purchasing the city-owned eastern portion of the site were to:

  • Advance Boulder’s long-range vision for a TOD that maximizes public investment in multimodal transportation, infrastructure improvements and affordable housing;
  • Create a mixed-use development with predominantly residential uses and some supporting commercial uses (as determined by a market study);
  • Create a range of housing types, including up to 50 percent permanently affordable housing, with the remaining 50 percent of the housing sold or rented at market rates; and
  • Create a mix of ownership and rental housing at a range of 220 to 300 units.

Following a comprehensive update on TVAP implementation in October 2015 council directed staff to study potential redevelopment options to determine the parameters for a Request for Proposal (RFP). A mixed-use, mixed housing type concept with a high percentage of affordable housing that conforms with Form-Based Code was supported.

 Zocalo Community Development was selected as the development partner; their proposal consistently met and, in many cases, exceeded the review criteria and the desired development outcomes established for the city-owned site.

The city announced on August 13,2018 that it will seek a new partner in the 30th and Pearl project. 

Council Action

  • First Quarter 2018
    • City Council voted in support of a motion authorizing the City Manager to enter into a joint development with Zocolo Community Development for the development of the site
  • Third Quarter 2017
  • City Council voted to approve staff’s recommendation for the redevelopment of the site with Zocalo Community Development as the partner
  • Staff and Zocalo Community Development draft Joint Development Agreement
  • Second Quarter 2017 – Selection process began
  • First Quarter 2017 – Council approval of developer solicitation and future selection process

Contact Information

Zach McGee, Media Relations, [email protected] or 720-564-2339, Mobile 303-868-6810

Beth Roberts, Housing and Human Services, [email protected] or 303-441-1828

Kurt Firnhaber, Director of Housing and Human Services, [email protected] or 303-441-4424

Charles Ferro, Development Review Manager, Planning + Sustainability, [email protected] or 303-441-4012

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