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Affordable Housing Goals

City of Boulder’s Affordable Housing Goal Update (2018) 

In 2018, the Boulder City Council increased the city’s affordable housing goal from 10 to 15%. The city has been long committed to creating and preserving permanently affordable housing options to meet the diverse needs of the community. As of 2018, the city has successfully deed restricted 7.5% (3,468) of all homes for low- and moderate-income persons. In 2016, the city expanded its commitment to ensuring the availability of diverse housing options by adopting the Middle-Income Housing Strategy pdf committing to build or preserve 3,500 middle income homes by 2030, of which 1,000 would be permanently affordable. Currently, the city has 110 deed restricted middle-income homes.

Simultaneous to the city’s progress towards achieving these stated goals, the multi-jurisdictional Boulder County Regional Housing Partnership (Partnership)  was convened to expand access to diverse housing across the county, serving low to middle income households (30–120% Area Median Income). Driving the Regional Housing Strategy is the established goal to secure 12 percent of the county’s housing inventory as permanently affordable, serving a diverse mix of low, moderate- and middle-income households by 2035. In 2017, Boulder City Council adopted Resolution 1218 pdf  supporting the work of the BCRHP and the goals established by the Partnership, which includes a 12% goal  for the entire county.

To align with and support its work of the Partnership, the Boulder’s City Council-appointed Housing Advisory Board (HAB) initiated a community conversation to consider an amendment of our housing goals including consolidation of the low-, moderate- and middle-income goals into one goal and increasing the goal. Following the consideration of the HAB including engagement with the community, the HAB made a recommendation to City Council.

Project Purpose Statement

Boulder aspires to be a diverse and integrated community. This aspiration is predicated upon the belief that the overall well-being of the community depends upon the retention of individuals and families, the availability of workforce housing, and the ability to serve residents with changing or special housing needs.  To this end, the Boulder community, its leadership and residents, have held a long-time commitment to facilitate the provision of diverse housing options to serve the needs of low-, moderate- and middle-income households. While the city is on pace to reach current housing goals, it is evident that existing goals do not meet the needs of the community. The City is revisiting its housing goals to ensure we do our utmost to fulfill the existing and expected needs of diversity in housing affordability and accessibility. 

Guiding Principles

  • Affordable housing goals must be easy to explain and understand
  • Allow flexibility to be opportunistic to direct affordable housing resources to address the greatest need in any given year while leveraging resources and maximizing opportunities
  • Periodically review progress toward goals and adjust course as necessary


Public Engagement

Committed to creating inclusive processes and timely opportunities for information sharing, public input, and dialog, the conversation regarding the city’s housing goals seeks the community’s input and engagement through a variety of opportunities.

  • Creation of a “City of Boulder Affordable Housing Goals” webpage hosted on the city’s website. This site will include an overview of the conversation including Purpose, Guiding Principles, Process, Public Engagement Opportunities, Meeting Notices, Background Information and Documents. The site will also offer the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the goals and ask questions of staff.
  • Public notice of meetings will be shared through a variety of city outlets including the “City of Boulder Affordable Housing Goals” webpage, the Be Heard Boulder online engagement platform, Boulder Planning Newsletter, and email notices to city partner email distribution lists.
  • Public meetings were held on the following dates:
    • City Council, Public Hearing, April 2, 2019, 6:00 P.M., City of Boulder, Penfield Tate II Municipal Building, Council Chambers, 1777 Broadway
    • Planning Board, Public Hearing, March 21, 2019, 6:00 P.M., City of Boulder, Penfield Tate II Municipal Building, Council Chambers, 1777 Broadway
    • Housing Advisory Board, Public Hearing, December 12, 2018, 3:00 P.M., Boulder Public Library, Main Library, Boulder Creek Room, 1001 Arapahoe Avenue
  • Contact the City of Boulder Housing Advisory Board members or city staff.

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