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Cash-in-Lieu (CIL) Calculator

The City of Boulder Inclusionary Housing Program is designed to maintain a diverse housing stock that meets the needs of people of all incomes. Currently the program requires that 20% of all new residential development be provided as permanently affordable housing. For-sale developments must provide at least have of the required affordable units on-site, the other half may be satisfied with a CIL contribution.  Rental developments do not have an on-site requirement and may satisfy the entire requirement with CIL.

Effective July 1, 2018 program updates will require that 25% of all new residential development be provided as permanently affordable housing.  The program updates include incentives when more than half of any required FOR-SALE affordable units are provided on-site. The higher percentage of units combined with the incentives are optional at this time and become mandatory on July 1, 2018.

Please note that all options to satisfy the inclusionary requirement, including CIL, must be approved by the city. Please contact a housing planner at 303-441-3157, No. 5, to determine an acceptable option for satisfying the Inclusionary Housing requirement for your project.

The CIL Calculator below may be used to ESTIMATE the amount of CIL for a planned project or explore different scenarios for providing a combination of CIL and affordable units. This calculator is available for your convenience only. Please note that the data generated by this calculator is not transmitted to city staff.

CIL is due at the time of residential building permit issuance. CIL amounts are adjusted annually on July 1 and the amount in place when paid will apply.

Check out our web site for more details.


The Cash In Lieu Calculator will return soon. If you need an estimate, please contact Michelle Allen at 303-441-4076 or [email protected].

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