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Unit & Cash-in-Lieu (CIL) Calculator

Updated 12/20

The City of Boulder Inclusionary Housing Program requires that developments of 5 or more dwelling units provide 25% of all new residential development as permanently affordable housing. For-sale developments are expected to provide at least half of the required affordable units on-site, the other half may be satisfied through the following options: 1) providing affordable units on or off-site; 2) making a Cash-in-lieu (CIL) contribution; or 4) donating land.

The program includes incentives when more than half of any required FOR-SALE affordable units are provided on-site.

Housing staff are available to walk you through the calculator. Note that the estimates generated by the calculator must be verified by the city. The calculation generated by this calculator is not transmitted to city staff. In order to satisfy the IH requirement, you will need to include additional steps and details NOT included in the calculator.  

When your development is ready for a city review or permit, please contact a housing planner at 303-441-4076 or 303-441-4037


  1. To scroll in the spread sheet use the PAGE scroll bar NOT the scroll bar with-in the spread sheet.
  2. Input data in the “project input” tab in the YELLOW fields
  3. Developments with greater than 4 units but having fewer than 4 units in of any ONE TYPE should STOP and contact a housing planner. For example a 50 unit development that has 4 duplex units (Townhome & Small Attached) and two multi-family buildings with 23 units in each (Attached) cannot use the calculator accurately.
  4. Click on the “Options Summary” tab.

A cash-in-lieu estimate and the affordable unit requirement is provided in sections labeled A-E.

Check out our web site for more details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Inclusionary Housing Unit & Cash-in-Lieu Calculator may not be compatible with Safari Browser.  Please use an alternate browser for this tool.