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Grant Compliance and Asset Management

The City of Boulder, Division of Housing is an Entitlement Community administering HOME Investment Partnership and Community Development Block Grant funds. The Division of Housing administers local funds that include CHAP and Affordable Housing Funds in addition to assuring compliance with Inclusionary Housing units.

The City of Boulder is committed to maintaining the integrity of the affordable housing program and community development projects provided to residents living in the City of Boulder through the award of federal and local funds. The Division of Housing Asset Management staff is responsible for assuring compliance with the administration of all federal and local funding sources.

The Compliance and Asset Management Division ensures housing and community development program compliance with federal, state and local regulatory mandates through the established management and monitoring procedures.  Program and project monitoring are mechanisms used for in-depth investigation and overall assessment of compliance.

Information regarding compliance statutes of specific City of Boulder, Housing and Human Services, Division of Housing properties may be obtained by calling or writing Grant Compliance and Asset Management Workgroup Staff.


  • New HOME Final Rule: The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development has published a new HOME Final Rule. Please note that the new HOME Final Rule will impact all HOME funded projects. For more information click on the Housing Compliance tab on the navigation bar to the right where you’ll find a copy of the new final rule.
  • Annual Reports: Asset Management is moving toward paperless reporting. Fill-able reports may be found under the Compliance Reports tab on the navigation bar to the right. We encourage our partners to complete their required reports and submit them via email. Asset Management staff email links may be found on the navigation bar to the right at the bottom of the screen.
  • Updated Contact Information: If there have been any changes in Ownership, Property Management or staffing, please contact compliance staff to provide updated contact information.
  • 2017 Rental Compliance Manual: In November 2017, compliance staff  completed an update to the Rental Compliance Manual pdf. Owners and Managers of permanently affordable rental housing were emailed a draft copy of the updated manual on 11/2/17 and invited to submit comments and feedback until 11/20/17. No comments or feedback was received during the comment period. The updated Rental Compliance Manual has been adopted, effective 11/29/2017. All previous versions of this manual are now obsolete. We strongly encourage all Owners and Managers to read through the updated manual. Please contact Shelly Conley, Compliance & Project Manager if you have any questions. Minor edits and updates made to the current manual on 3/27/2018




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