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Housing Compliance

The City of Boulder, Division of Housing works with community partners to provide a variety of housing choices to households at all income levels. In Boulder, the market provides housing choices for households with higher income levels.  The Housing Program focuses its efforts on providing affordable housing options to households with incomes at the lower end of the income spectrum.

City Council supports the goal of the City to have at least ten percent of the overall housing stock be permanently affordable to households earning up to ten percent above the HUD low-income limit. In addition, the City is attempting to create an affordable housing continuum that ensures housing choices at every income level. The preservation of existing affordable units is given importance equal to that of the creation of new units and the purchase of land for future development of affordable units.

Housing units produced or acquired through a grant allocation from the City of Boulder or provided through Inclusionary Housing or annexation are subject to compliance and eligibility requirements in perpetuity. These requirements are formally agreed to by the signing of a Low Income Rental Housing Covenant prior to the drawdown of any funds or issuance of building permits.  These covenants run with the land and may only be amended with the agreement of all signing parties.

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