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Manufactured Housing Strategy




Almost 1300 households live in Boulder’s four manufactured housing communities, which provide a lifestyle valued by their residents at a relatively affordable cost. The city has committed to preserving this housing option and has taken many supportive actions. The manufactured housing strategy will define, organize and prioritize a long-term approach to supporting these communities. On Feb. 26, 2019, City Council reviewed the  project pdf and directed pdf staff to develop potential work plan items. Additional background information may be found in a 2015 Study Session memo  and a 2016 Mobile Home Park Infrastructure Study. pdf

Project Goal

By the middle of 2019 the city hopes to adopt a manufactured housing strategy that identifies guiding principles and a prioritized list of actions by the city, park residents and park owners to further Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) policies. 

Recognizing the importance of manufactured housing as an option for many households, the city and county will encourage the preservation of existing mobile home parks and the development of new manufactured home parks, including increasing opportunities for resident-owned parks. If an existing mobile home park is found to have health or safety issues, every reasonable effort will be made to reduce or eliminate the issues, when feasible, or to help mitigate for the loss of housing through re-housing of affected households.

Community Engagement

Upcoming Events:

  • Housing Advisory Board:  Wednesday, June 26, 6:00-9:00 PM - Council Chambers, Municipal Building (1777 Broadway)
  • Human Relations Commission:  July 15, 6:00 PM - Council Chambers, Municipal Building (1777 Broadway)
  • City Council:  Tuesday, August 6, 7:00 PM - Council Chambers, Municipal Building (1777 Broadway)


The city will use its Engagement Strategic Framework pdf throughout the project to help ensure all community stakeholders are a part of the process. The image below provides more information on how a strategy will be developed. 



For more information contact Crystal Launder, Housing Planner, 303-441-4141,  [email protected]