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Division of Housing

Division of Housing

Affordable Housing Data Dashboard is now Live!

Affordable Housing Data DashboardAffordable housing is a vital component of a community that creates thriving environments for people to live. Without it, families may be priced out of their communities due to the increasing financial burden of housing costs. To ensure that Boulder provides families and individuals with safe and affordable places to live, the city adopted a goal that 10 percent of all housing be permanently affordable to low and moderate income households. To accomplish it, the City of Boulder implemented multiple programs and policies to increase access to affordable housing options.

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Housing Boulder Action Plan

The action plan identifies City Council priorities for addressing Boulder's affordable housing challenges.

Housing  Action Plan for 2018/19 pdf

Boulder's Affordable Housing Goals

The city has been long committed to creating and preserving permanently affordable housing options to meet the diverse needs of the community. This commitment is driven by a goal to secure 10 percent of the city’s housing stock as permanently affordable. As of 2018, the city has successfully deed restricted 7.5 percent (3,468) for sale homes for low- and moderate-income persons. In 2016, the city expanded its commitment to ensuring the availability of diverse housing options by adopting the Middle-Income Housing Strategy committing to build or preserve 3,500 middle income homes by 2030, of which 1,000 would be permanently affordable. Currently, the city has 110 deed restricted middle income homes. Read more about Housing Goals.

Housing Advisory Board

The Housing Advisory Board (HAB) advises City Council and staff and has the following functions:

  • To advise the city council and city manager on housing issues, strategies, goals and policies.
  • To study and recommend to the council and the city manager long and short-range goals, ordinances, funding priorities and programs to address recognized housing needs.
  • To develop and recommend, with community input, innovative approaches to accomplish the city's housing goals, including tools for preserving existing housing.
  • To advise the city council and city manager concerning the impacts of city policy proposals on housing affordability, diversity and accessibility.
  • To review regional housing issues and make recommendations to the city council.
  • To advise the city council concerning an appropriate advocacy role for the city in state and federal housing matters.
  • To consult and coordinate with housing committees and other city boards and commissions to develop and support the city's housing efforts.

For more information about the board, visit this page: Housing Advisory Board.


Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Update

City Council responded to community requests to encourage the creation of new Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) by requesting that staff bring forward a list of incremental changes to city regulations that better allow accessory units while still addressing potential neighborhood impacts. Council has identified this as a work plan item for the past several years. On Nov. 8, City Council adopted a final ordinance with an implementation date of Feb. 1, 2019.

To learn more about this effort, visit this page.


30th & Pearl

Formerly the home of Pollard Friendly Motors, this city owned 4.5-acre site is planned for a mix of housing affordable to low, moderate and middle income households. The project is part of Boulder Junction (a 160-acre redevelopment at the northeast corner of 30th Street and Pearl Parkway area) and is transforming into a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented neighborhood with regional transit connections and public spaces that will benefit the entire community.

To learn more about 30th & Pearl, visit this page.


Ponderosa Community Stabilization

The Ponderosa Mobile Home Park is a 68-home diverse, primarily homeowner community located in a county enclave at 4475 Broadway. The City of Boulder has purchased Ponderosa with plans to annex the property, replace aging infrastructure, identify home replacement options that would maintain residents’ housing costs at similar levels, and to ultimately transfer Ponderosa to an owner such as an affordable housing nonprofit or a resident-controlled cooperative in order to create long-term stability for the community’s residents.

To learn more about this effort, visit this page.


Inclusionary Housing Update

The inclusionary housing program was adopted in 2000 in response to the city’s housing challenges, updates to the program require that new residential development contribute 25 percent of the all new homes as permanently affordable; 20 percent affordable to low- and moderate-income households and 5 percent affordable to middle-income households. The program has demonstrated considerable success over the years and the 2017 updates respond to new challenges, specifically addressing the loss of middle-income housing as well as exploring options for incentivizing more on-site homes. 

More information is available on the Inclusionary Housing Update page.


Middle Income Housing Strategy

This strategy defines a comprehensive approach to create and preserve housing choices for middle income households and puts forth an aggressive, but obtainable, goal to increase housing options for middle income households.

To learn more about the Middle Income Housing Strategy, visit this page.

Middle Income Housing Strategy Document pdf

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The City of Boulder, Division of Housing does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation or military status in any of its programs, services or activities. For more information on legal notices and resources, visit:

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