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Restorative Justice Open House

Do you want to help promote understanding and community-building in Boulder County? Have you heard a little about restorative justice but want to learn more? Join the Boulder District Attorney’s Restorative Diversion Program and the City of Boulder’s Community Mediation Service to learn about restorative justice principles and practices; how restorative justice supports meaningful accountability and repair of harm; and how restorative practices are used in parenting, schools, workplaces, and the criminal justice system. You will hear real examples of restorative responses to crime in Boulder County and learn about ways that you can become involved in the process of restorative justice.


Erin Siffing is the Assistant Director of the Center for Prevention and Restorative Justice at the Boulder District Attorney’s Office. Over the past 13 years, Erin has worked to implement and evaluate restorative diversion programs for juveniles and adults in Colorado and Pennsylvania and has facilitated hundreds of restorative justice processes.

Kelly Taylor Russell is the Restorative Justice Program Coordinator in the Center for Prevention and Restorative Justice at the Boulder District Attorney’s Office. She has 12 years of experience in restorative justice training, facilitation, and consulting in both the criminal justice and education systems.

Carin Armstrong is the Community Mediation Service Program Manager for the City of Boulder. She brings over 20 years of experience as a facilitator and trainer in restorative justice and conflict resolution practices in the school and community setting. 

To register, visit:

For more information contact: Carin Armstrong, [email protected]