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Innovation Architecture


Doing what the City does, better


  • Process Improvement
  • Enterprise Transformation Initiatives
  • Civic Bridge


New tools to foster growth of embryonic ideas


  • City as Incubator
  • Partnerships
  • Pathways


Creating mechanisms to magnify our good work


  • Challenge Initiatives
  • City as Platform
  • Catalyst Fund


Innovation Strategy

Boulder has long been a leader among innovative communities. The city, however,  recognizes that in this time of rapid change, it needs to have a coherent strategy for innovation to guide  targeted investments, prioritize  initiatives  and continue  leading-edge city operations. Boulder is currently working to develop,  implement and institutionalize its innovation architecture pdf, and will share additional information about its efforts on this page, and through other communication channels, as it' s available.

The city' s innovation vision is founded in a goal to improve overall city effectiveness achieved through:

  • Data-driven Decision-making  — Better understand, collaborate with, and leverage our information assets for more effective program outcomes.
  • Operational Efficiency  — Mirror our innovative policies with internal operations practices that are shared, efficient, and online.
  • Culture of Innovation  — Reduce barriers to entry for value added changes, creative thinking, and collaboration; engage our highly talented staff in problem solving for the benefit of our entire community.
  • Community as Resource  — Find new solutions to our most pressing community challenges through new mechanisms for direct engagement with our highly talented community members.
  • Exceed the Expectations of Constituents  — Use process driven continuous improvement to better serve our constituents. 

To learn more about the city' s innovation efforts, contact Chief Innovation and Analytics Officer Julia Richman at 303-441-3359 or [email protected] .

Innovation Resources