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Community Broadband Connectivity Frequently Asked Questions

The city’s vision is to provide a world-class community telecommunications infrastructure to Boulder for the 21st Century and beyond. Broadband connectivity is a critical infrastructure service for quality of modern life, as is the case with roads, water, sewer and electricity. Construction of the City’s new fiber backbone. The goal is to have the new backbone complete and ready for service prior to or by the start of 2022.This asset will be used for city and select community purposes, rather than provide public services in the short term. In the long term, this infrastructure could support gigabit speed internet services to homes and various city applications.

Over the next two years, the City will determine how to best expand fiber services from the backbone to homes and businesses that may desire fiber connectivity and additional broadband offerings. Once a decision is made a technical approach, business model and applicable financing will need to be developed to support the desired long-term city approach.  

In early 2020, this project will enter the construction phase having spent the last 2 years finalizing feasibility, strategy, design, financing and private sector partner selection.  The construction of 65 miles of underground fiber backbone will be broken down into 6 phases. Our interactive construction map  provides up-to-date information on our progress and proposed schedule. cannot yet be answered.  

Construction will begin in early 2020 and is expected to be complete within two years. In addition to the 65 miles of fiber backbone, the City will also construct another 10 miles of fiber laterals that will connect to various city and community stakeholder sites.   

As with any underground construction project there will be visible activity. Most work will take place in public right of ways and the associated noise will be extremely minimal. In some areas the right of way is large enough that the work can be completed with zero community impacts. In other areas where the right of way is smaller traffic control measures will impact the movement of vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Additional work that will be visible to the community includes the marking of current utilities before drilling, drill crews and construction machinery, reels of conduit and fiber at work sites.  

Our interactive map shows the progress of the fiber backbone build and where construction activity is currently planned, project information can also be found on this webpage.  

If you have a question about the City’s current fiber backbone infrastructure project please submit it here and we will respond accordingly.