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Statement of Qualifications

Statement of Qualifications Include

  1. Cover Letter - A summary of your company including date, number of years in business, size of firm, contact information (including phone, address, email, website & fax number), recent professional experience including work with public sector clients and applicable projects. The Cover Letter must describe whether the firm can be classified by the Business Classification category you selected, including the applicable date established. (Limited to three (3) pages).
  2. Qualifications for each Service Category- Describe your firm’s capabilities and expertise in providing services for each Service Category you selected for which you want to be considered. Clearly designate each section with the Service Category. Identify which elements will be done in-house and which elements will be done by sub-consultants. (Limited to four (4) pages per Service Category).
  3. References – Provide examples of previous projects, in each Service Category, performed by your firm with references and telephone numbers. Comparable projects with state and local customers are preferred. (Limited to two (2) pages per Service Category).
  4. Project Manager Qualifications – Provide names and specific duties of individuals your firm might propose as project managers/engineers for each Service Category with statements of their qualifications. Please limit the number to three individuals. Provide examples of previous projects completed by each project manager with at least 4 references and telephone numbers. Local references preferred. (Limited to three (3) pages per area and/or discipline)
  5. Personnel Qualifications – Provide names, responsibilities, statement of qualifications and experience of other personnel you expect to utilize for each Service Category. (Limited to two (2) pages per area and/or discipline).
  6. Cost – Provide bill rates for each position category proposed.
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