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Website Improvement Project


The website is the City of Boulder's primary platform for sharing information with the community. The current city website was launched in 2013 and needs to be updated. The website is designed based on the structure of city departments, which is not intuitive for most users. 

The city engaged a consultant in May 2018 to develop a plan to make the website faster and easier for the public to navigate. The website improvement plan will be driven by user research, testing and input. This project will result in a new information organization and navigation system that improves the current website while laying the groundwork for a new website. 

Next Steps

The city worked with a consultant from May to October 2018 to study user experience on the current city website and to develop a plan to make the website easier for the public to navigate. The city will use the research findings and recommendations to make iterative improvements to the current website and measure progress.

Research indicated that the city website can most benefit from:

  • improvements to the way the city organizes and categorizes web content, so information is easier and more intuitive to find;
  • improvements to city website search effectiveness and functionality; and
  • improvements to content management so information is more consistent, up-to-date and user-focused.

Improvements to the current city website are already underway and will be pursued in 2019 as these changes will benefit the city now and into the future.

For more details about the work completed and next steps, see the City Council information Packet item pdf.

Project Goals

The city's Website Improvement Project is driven by the following goals:

  • establish a series of benchmarks for the current website to understand what is and is not working with existing navigation;
  • develop a new system of organizing city web content that is intuitive for the end user and not based predominantly on city organization;
  • design the city website’s navigation and content organization based on user testing, analytics and stakeholder feedback;
  • make doing business with the city easier and the most-sought information and services quickly accessible;
  • develop a new strategy for city web content, content management and e-service delivery; and
  • identify “low-hanging-fruit” solutions during this phase of the project that staff can quickly and easily apply to the current city website.

For more details, see the website improvement project plan pdf.


For questions about this project, contact Digital Communication Manager Bryan Bullock at [email protected]  or 303-441-3559.