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Governmental Partnerships

The city closely tracks and attempts to influence regional issues which although falling outside of the city's jurisdictional authority nonetheless have the potential of significantly impacting the community. The following are descriptions of some of these issues and the associated governmental partners along with links for more information..

Regional Issues

Boulder Valley School District 

The Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) operates a significant amount of school facilities within the city's geographical boundaries. Although a separate governmental entity with operational responsibilities extending far beyond the city limits, decisions made by the district can have a great impact on city residents. Consequently, the city is engaged in routine communications and collaborations with the district. City Council's goals for future collaborations with the district are available in the related links section of this page.

Council has appointed a School Issues Committee which periodically meets with BVSD representatives to discuss these and other goals. The 2018 members of the committee are Council Members Morzel, Young and Grano.

Learn more about the Boulder Valley School District

BVSD Educational Facilities Master Plan

Boulder's Policy Goals for Partnering with BVSD pdf

Regional Transportation District

The city partners with the Regional Transportation District (RTD), Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Boulder County, and other organizations such as the US36 Mayors and Commissioners Coalition, Commuting Solutions, and Northwest Chamber Alliance to advance the city’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) goals. Current regional topics include:

  • Participating in RTD’s pass program working group to support goals for a community-wide Eco Pass program;
  • Seeking on-going RTD service enhancements for the regional Flatiron Flyer Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes between Boulder and Denver as well as service to/from Denver International Airport;
  • Advancing new regional arterial Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects and commuter bikeways along the Diagonal/SH119 and Arapahoe Avenue/SH7, and future routes along South Boulder Road as identified in RTD’s Northwest Area Mobility Study;
  • Promoting regional multimodal safety initiatives aligned with the city’s Toward Vision Zero safety program to reduce crashes for people using all modes of transportation, and eliminating serious injury and fatal crashes;
  • Pursuing regional funding initiatives to accomplish local and regional multimodal transportation system improvements. 

​Learn more about the Regional Transportation District 

RTD's Northwest Area Mobility Study

Federal Research Laboratories

The Department of Commerce (DOC) has developed a new master plan and associated environmental assessment for its Boulder Laboratories campus. The master plan provides a framework for the future physical development of the campus in support of the DOC Boulder Laboratories' mission of advancing science and technology. It emphasizes quality and collaborative research with sustainable and efficient operations. In addition to existing and future facilities, the master plan addresses roads and entrances, parking, pedestrian and bicycle access to and through the site, landscape and storm water management, cultural resources, the site utilities infrastructure, energy and water conservation, and sustainability. Agreements with the City of Boulder and Native American Tribes have been respected and all Protected Area, more than 100 acres of open space continues to be preserved.  

Learn more about the Boulder Federal Research Laboratories

Boulder County 

The city collaborates with Boulder County on a host of issues including human services, open space, transportation and land use. Council meets frequently with the county commissioners and has at least one formal joint meeting with tall three commissioners and their senior staff every year. Two of the most important agreements the city has with the county are the "Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Intergovernmental Agreement" and the "Boulder County Countywide Coordinated Development Plan" aka the "Super IGA."

Learn more about Boulder County

Boulder Countywide Coordinated Development Plan pdf

University of Colorado

The city collaborates with the University of Colorado Boulder on a variety of issues including land use development, floodplain regulation, transportation, housing and Uni Hill issues. Council has a formal meeting with CU's Chancellor and his cabinet at least twice a year. 

Learn more about the University of Colorado

CU Campus Master Plan