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  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Protecting Pollinators
  • Invasive Species
  • Reducing Pesticides
  • Mosquito Control Program
  • Natural Lawns and Landscaping

Insect Pest Treatment Strategies

Insect Pest Treatment Strategies

Please use chemical controls only as a last resort!  

 Insect Pest

 Cultural Controls

Mechanical Controls 

Biological Controls


Keep indoor surfaces clean.

Seal entrances into your home. Pour boiling or soapy water down holes or on ants. Apply diatomaceous earth in active areas.     



Do not over-fertilize plants.

Apply soap wash to aphid- infested areas. Pull heavily infested plants.

Apply ladybugs around infested plant.

Boxelder Bugs


Control nymphs with a soap wash. Clean up leaf debris to control over-wintering adults.


Cabbage Loopers 


Plant dill with cabbage. 

Spray with Bacillus Thurigensis (BT). 


Eliminate clutter. Keep areas clean. 

Seal up cracks. Apply diatomaceous earth in active areas.


Elm Leaf Beetles



Larvae can be controlled with a new strain of beetle BT. 


Compost food waste outside. Seal up garbage and dispose of regularly. 

Install, fix or replace screens to keep out flies. Use a fly swatter.



Do not over-fertilize plants. 

Wash plants with soap and water. Apply 1:4 dilution of rubbing alcohol and water.

Apply predatory mites. 





Stay inside during times when mosquitoes are especially active. 

Eliminate standing water. Use screens on doors and windows.


Attract birds (such as swallows) and bats to you yard that feed on mosquitoes or put BT cakes in ponds and bird baths.

Potato Beetles 


Plant beans near potatoes.




Scale Gently scrub scales off plant with a stiff brush or scrub pad. Apply a 1:4 dilution of rubbing alcohol and water to plant and soil. Spray with dormant oil to suffocate larvae. 




Apply diatomaceous earth in active areas.