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This information was posted on Friday, October 6, for applications that will take place the week of October 9, 2017.


Open Space & Mountain Parks (OSMP)

OSMP staff will spot apply Clearcast and Milestone, EPA Category III herbicides to teasel at the Burke I, Gebhard, Kentucky, and Van Vleet properties, located southwest of the intersection of Baseline and Cherryvale Roads.  The Bobolink and South Boulder Creek Trails are in the vicinity of the application area.

OSMP staff will cut-stump apply Rodeo and/or Pathfinder II, EPA Category III herbicides, to crack willow, green ash, black locust re-sprouts at the Colorado Open Lands, Short-Milne and Straty-Cline properties, located north of Valmont Road and east and west of 61st Street.

OSMP staff will spot apply Clearcast, an EPA Category III herbicide to Russian olive at the ERTL property, located west of 95th Street and north of Valmont Road.

A Colorado Department of Transportation contractor will apply Milestone and Plateau, EPA Category III herbicides, to thistle, teasel, diffuse knapweed, and downy brome at a mitigation site for the US 36 expansion project at the Granite property, located north of Sioux Drive and west of South Boulder Creek, just north of the East Boulder Community Center.


Contact Eric Fairlee, Open Space and Mountain Parks Department, 303-413-7647 for more information.


Parks & Recreation Urban Resources

Parks & Recreation Urban Resources staff and a contractor will apply Milestone, an EPA Category III herbicide, to common teasel and Canada thistle at the following locations: 

  • North Dam natural area - located north of Highway 119 and west of 63rd Street (south of Coot Lake)
  • North Shore natural area - located between 63rd Street to the east and 55th Street to the west, south of Monarch Road and west of Coot Lake
  • Dry Creek (Aeromodel) natural area - located east of N 51st Street and south of the 55th Street Trailhead
  • Little Dry Creek West natural area - located west of 51st Street and south of Eagle Trailhead
  • Area III natural area - located east of the intersection at 26th Street and Yarmouth Ave

Parks & Recreation Urban Resources will apply Escort XP, Plateau, and Milestone, EPA Category III and IV herbicides, to multiple noxious and invasive weed species including cheatgrass, multiple thistle species, moth mullein, sulfur cinquefoil, bouncingbet and other noxious weed species at Area III Natural Area, located at 26th Street and Yarmouth Ave.


Contact Joy Master, Parks and Recreation Urban Resources, 303-413-7261 for more information.

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