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Solar Rebate and Solar Grant Programs

Solar Rebate and Solar Grant Programs

Solar Rebate 

Boulder residents and businesses that have installed solar electric or solar thermal (hot water) systems on their property may be eligible for a sales and use tax rebate. The city may rebate approximately 15 percent of the city sales and use tax paid on materials and permits for the solar installation. To be eligible, taxpayers must file a rebate application within 12 months of the city's final inspection. For even more resources on solar in the city Solar section.

Solar Grant

All applications for the spring 2015 Solar Grant funding cycle are due by 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 30.

Funding generated by the solar rebate ordinance is also used to provide grants for the installation of solar electric and solar thermal (hot water) systems on:

  • the facilities of site-based nonprofit organizations;
  • low- or moderate-income housing owned by nonprofit organizations; or
  • individual residences that are part of an affordable housing program.

Grants are subject to funding availability.

Income tax must be paid on the grant amount for the year received.

Solar Rebate: How do I apply?

To apply for the solar rebate, please complete the following forms:

Mail the completed forms, receipts from your project and a photocopy of your identification (required by the Immigration Affidavit) to:

City of Boulder
Attn: Juliet Bonnell
Solar Rebate Program
PO Box 791, Boulder, CO 80306

If you have questions or need assistance to complete your application, contact Juliet Bonnell.

* An Immigration Affidavit must be completed and returned with all rebate applications.

Solar rebates are subject to funding availability.

Solar Grant: How do I apply?

Before you apply, please select the "Solar Grant Evaluation Criteria" link and read the information about eligibility requirements, terms, and criteria.

There are two versions of the Solar Grant application, one for nonprofits and one for homeowners - please make sure you use the appropriate version for your project. Select either the "Homeowner Solar Grant Application" or "Nonprofit Solar Grant Application" links to download the PDF application forms.

All applications for the spring 2015 Solar Grant funding cycle are due by 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 30. If you have questions, or need assistance to complete your application, contact Juliet Bonnell at or call 303-441-1931.

Solar Grant Committee

The Solar Grant Committee generally meets twice a year; once in the spring (typically in May) and once in the fall (typically in November) to review solar grant applications, award grants and discuss ways to continually improve the program's effectiveness. The Solar Grant Committee is comprised of members who possess knowledge of vital program elements such as solar installations, policy and financing, nonprofit organizations, and affordable housing programs.

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