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Local Power

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Clean local reliable and provides value

What is Local Power?

Local Power is the city's effort to bring clean, local, affordable and reliable electricity to the community by developing a community-owned local electric utility. 

Local power is a key component of the city's Energy Future strategy, as well as the city's Climate Commitment.

ResourceRead a Q&A with director Steve Catanach discussing the values that drive Local Power.

We're working to build an energy future that is clean, local, reliable, secure and provides value.

Our energy future will use renewable sources of energy, like solar and wind, instead of harmful fossil fuels. It will support a robust energy economy, with more control of energy supply and investments, as well as community participation in the creation of services. This future will offer access, for everyone, to energy and innovative technology at competitive costs that balance short- and long-term interests and ensure a stable, resilient and safe energy supply that is protected against external threats.

Areas of work

Whether the city completes the process of creating its own electric utility is up to you. In 2020, once we have a clearer picture of finance, technical and operational details, you'll have a chance to vote in a go/no-go decision.

Between now and then, our job is to make sure that you're kept up-to-date on the project and that more community members participate in our ongoing communication and engagement activities. 

Learn more about these efforts and find out about upcoming events on the Participate page

Standing up a utility isn't just about the poles and wires. We're also working between now and 2020 to define some characteristics of how the utility would run and answering questions about possible utility employees, customer service principles, IT and security needs, and more. 

Read more about how a local electric utility would respond in an emergency.

We're working closely with Xcel Energy to create detailed engineering plans for the utility. These plans will determine how the electric system that currently provides power across Boulder County will be altered so that the Boulder utility can serve in-city customers. 

Learn more in the city's May 2019 blog post. 

Learn more about the electric infrastructure including substations.

A major component of our work between now and the 2020 community decision is ongoing financial analysis of the potential electric utility. We're working to identify potential costs to develop the utility so that the public can weigh the costs with the benefits when making the go/no-go decision. This analysis includes both short- and long-term financial feasibility: can the city afford the start-up costs to develop the utility and will the utility be financially sound for the long term? Find out more about this work on the Financial Analysis page.

Part of our work involves advocating through the court system. Visit the Litigation page to access city court filings related to municipalization. 

The city has always been open to exploring alternatives to municipalization, including partnership with Xcel Energy. Learn more on the Working With Xcel page

On May 12, 2020, Mayor Sam Weaver announced that the city and Xcel Energy had begun to engage in settlement negotiations that may end the city's municipalization efforts. Read the city's press release for more information.

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