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Local Power: Participate

You're Invited

Local Power Engagement Guide: You're invited

  • To participate in one of the most important decisions our community will ever make.
  • To learn more about Boulder’s energy future, one that’s fair, cleaner, affordable, more reliable and provides value to the whole community.
  • To help shape that energy future by sharing your thoughts and preferences.
  • To hear a variety of perspectives, from industry experts, analysts and your friends and neighbors, about this important issue.
  • To prepare for this important community decision when you’ll determine whether to move forward with Local Power.

Happening Now: Renewed Settlement Negotiations with Xcel Energy


On May 12, 2020,  Boulder City Council announced  that the city and Xcel Energy have reopened negotiations that may provide an alternative to creating a city-run, community-owned electric utility.

These negotiations are expected to last between now and mid-summer, focusing primarily on the development of a new franchise agreement with Xcel Energy.

The city is committed to transparency and a public process for participation in the discussions with Xcel. This is your chance to shape Boulder’s Energy Future. We need your thoughts and feedback to make this a successful process.

Opportunities for Public Engagement

The community has always been a key driving force in shaping the city’s energy future. This will be especially true as the city and Xcel Energy re-enter negotiations.

Phase 1 of Engagement: Hearing from you

In June 2020, the City of Boulder and Xcel Energy held four town halls to provide information and get community feedback on ongoing negotiations with Xcel Energy. The 90-minute sessions were held virtually and featured a 30-minute presentation by city staff, Mayor Sam Weaver and representatives from Xcel Energy. One hour of public comment followed the presentation.  Read a summary of the meetings online.   pdf

Phase 2 of Engagement: Reporting out on negotiations

City staff are currently planning this phase of engagement. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming report-out sessions. 

Email City Council Your Feedback

The public can also email City Council with ideas for topics that are most important to discuss during negotiations. To help guide your thoughts, here are some key questions that you might consider:

  • What suggestions do you have for achieving the city’s energy goals?
  • How can Xcel help the city decarbonize its energy supply?
  • How can Xcel Energy help improve electric reliability in Boulder?
  • How can Xcel Energy help build an innovative electric grid that’s better prepared for the effects of climate change and new technologies?
  • What kinds of programs and services would you like to participate in?
  • How can Xcel help foster more community participation in the company's decisions?
  • How can Xcel better address energy affordability and equity through its programs and services?

Join the city’s Climate and Energy E-newsletter list or check back on this page for more information on future opportunities to participate.


Past Events

What:  The city hosted four Town Halls in June to discuss negotiations with Xcel Energy. 

Town Hall Feedback Summary:  Read a summary of the meetings. pdf


June 5

June 10

June 22 (Business)

June 24


What: At the meeting, city staff provided an update on the project, including acquisition, engineering and the key steps for the project in 2020. A staff presentation was followed by audience Q&A.

Slides: View the slides pdf.


What: City staff provided an update on the project for City Council. View the slide presentation. pdf


Key Discussion Items

  • Timing of the Go/No-Go Decision (2020 or 2021)
  • Updates in key project areas
  • Budget
  • Communication and Engagement

 The memo is available online. pdf

Memo Executive Summary

This memo provides background information and an update on Boulder’s ongoing effort to form a local electric utility. A critical step in the municipalization process is asking Boulder voters whether the city should proceed with issuing bonds associated with creating a local power utility (often called the Go/No-Go Vote), originally planned for the 2020 ballot. Staff is working to refine costs and complete the financial feasibility study for the community to make an informed decision. Staff is now aiming to have this information ready for the 2021 ballot, not the 2020 ballot as previously envisioned.  

This memo outlines 1) the key variables that have impacted the timeline of the vote 2) process and timing of getting updated and finalized costs 3) rationale for postponing the vote to 2021 and 4) budget implications of postponing the vote to 2021.

In addition, staff recognizes that it is important that the community understand the benefits a local electric utility would provide and how these benefits align with community values. In this memo, staff proposes that conversations about community values and benefits of a local utility takes place over the next year through a variety of engagement platforms.

What: City staff provided an update on the project for City Council. View the slide presentation. pdf


What:  City staff provided an update on the project, including engineering, condemnation and work at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Access the slide presentation pdf.


What : City staff provided an update on the project, including engineering, financial analysis and acquisition. Access the slide presentation pdf and listen to an audio recording of the presentation.

What  : City staff provided an update and tutorial of the Financial Forecast Tool.

Part 1: Presentation and Break Out Session

Part 2: Feedback and Report Out

What:   The city hosted a quarterly update at the West Boulder Senior Center. Topics included a general project update, details on the agreements with Xcel Energy and communication and engagement. 

Materials:    Download the presentation. pdf




Video Invitation

Engagement Guide

In October 2018, we published an engagement guide that describes our plans for communication and public participation between now and the community decision. Read it to find out more. pdf

The engagement guide was developed with input from the Energy Future Communications and Engagement Working Group. Read the July 10, 2018 Study Session memo pdf and the Aug. 30, 2018 Information Packet pdf for more information on this process. 

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