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Appeal a Parking Ticket

Please Read this Entire Page Before Proceeding
You will need to submit a parking ticket appeal form.  

For tickets received as the result of a broken meter, please call the Violations Bureau at 303-441-4212 in order to start the process for a meter check.  

Proper documentation is essential to reviewing your appeal. Please be sure to include documentation for the following types of violations which require proof to be submitted with the appeal:

  • If you are appealing a No Valid Plate ticket, you must include a copy of your current registration or the appeal will not be reviewed.
  • If you are appealing a Permit violation of any type, you must include a copy of your valid permit or the appeal will not be reviewed.
  • If you are appealing a Handicap violation and have a valid and current handicap placard, you must include a copy of the placard with your appeal.

You can attach scanned documents or pictures with your online appeal.

Important things to remember when filling out your appeal:

  • Your dissatisfaction about receiving a violation, by itself, is not sufficient reason to appeal the citation.
  • If filing a written appeal, please print your name and address clearly! We will not research returned mail.
  • If filing an appeal online for multiple citations, you will need to submit a separate appeal for each citation or you may also file a written appeal.
  • Overtime at meter violations are issued after the five minute grace period has expired.
  • Fines do not increase during the review period. However, if your vehicle is on the pick up list, filing an appeal does not necessarily prevent it from being impounded.
NOTE: If your parking appeal is denied, you have the right to request to set your case for trial. Please click on Request Parking Ticket Trial pdf to request a trial.


We accept parking appeals multiple ways:  

Online: Please review the information above. Not all tickets can be appealed online. Please click or copy this URL and paste into your browser:

Please note: If you received a ticket today, it may not be in the database until the next business day. If you cannot retrieve your ticket after waiting one business day, please contact the Violations Bureau at 303-441-4212).

Written appeal form: Download the form from the Related Links box in the upper right hand corner.


Boulder Municipal Court
Violations Bureau
PO Box 8015
Boulder, CO 80306

Drop In:
1777 Sixth St.
Boulder, CO 80302

Drop Box:
Located across the street from the Justice Center on Sixth Street and is checked daily.