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Boulder Municipal Court Video Instructions


If you do not already have one, please visit and create a Zoom account. Zoom is free. You  should also download and install the app on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you cannot figure out how to do it, just remember this -- when you attempt to join a meeting from the link you are provided, it will ask you whether to (download and) open the Zoom app. Instruct it to (download and) open in the Zoom app and allow it to install the free program. It is crucial that you install the Zoom program/app rather than relying on the web browser. This will allow you to have private conversations via Zoom in “Breakout Rooms,” which are almost always part of Court via Zoom.

Here are some helpful links for people who are new to Zoom:

Zoom 101 - Sign Up and Download the Zoom App

Join a Zoom Meeting

When you click on the link to join the meeting, the meeting Host will admit you to the court session. If you join the meeting before the Host, please wait patiently for the Host to admit you to the meeting. You will need to mute and unmute your device at times during the court session. You will also be asked to appear by video when your case is called. Please try to familiarize yourself with these features in advance. If you have a question during the proceedings, please use the Chat feature to ask the Host your question.

If you do not have a device with a camera, such as an old computer or an older model cellphone, you can still attend your court hearing via Zoom. You will be displayed as a name or picture instead of an active video. If you do not have access to internet but do have a phone, the meeting information you are provided will have a number to call to participate. You may also be asked to provide a meeting ID and password. If needed, those will be provided in your instructions. You will be able to hear others and they will be able to hear you, but you will not see them and they will not see you. You can mute and unmute your device by pressing *6. Participating by phone only limits some functionality. For instance, if you are placed in a “Breakout Room” to have a private conversation with someone, you will need to wait for the meeting Host to put you back into the main court session or meeting.